Post-Houston: N’awlins!

Our intention was to drive through Baton Rouge to eat at a restaurant favorite, Juban‘s. However, they were Covid-closed. So, in Mr. K. fashion, we made our way to the magical city of New Orleans, but for only one day. Our first stop tended to the important matter at hand – breakfast! We GPSed our way to Daisy Mae’s restaurant. ( By the way, a pause for the cause...everywhere we went we were masked up, vaxed up, and socially distanced from folks we did not know). At Daisy Mae’s all the patrons were masked, inside and outside. We saw a good number of Black folks waiting in line to get in, but what was cool was that so many were in the city for college graduations. ‘You mean to tell me all these families were celebrating Black graduates from LSU, Xavier, etc.? I loved it. What?!

We hit all the familiar places, starting with parking on Canal Street. We called Indria Perrilloux, the LA aficionado, for how to get where we wanted to go. On the trolley we went, landing at the French Market and French Quarter. We enjoyed the art walk, talking with many of the local artists. Then, we found ourselves in front of the St. Louis Cathedral, and I had to enter. It’s so bizarre; they say once a Catholic, always a Catholic. So even though I am sure I have been excommunicated for years, I went right into Catholic church mode. Holy Water, to Sign of the Cross, to walking the aisle to view the hand-carved Stations of the Cross, admiring the beautiful frescoes, and, up to the massive altar. I genuflected and took a seat on one of the benches to pray. While walking to the exit I bowed my head – still the obedient Catholic girl of my youth. Mr. K. did not engage and said to me, “Come on, Catholic girl.” I smiled, but I love a Cathedral. What?!

We walked out of the Cathedral to see a great magician on Jackson Square. His irreverent antics were so funny and kept our attention for the duration of his show. Afterward, beignets were calling out to us, but not at the famous Cafe’ du Monde. The lines were wrapped around the corner. We found Cafe Beignet, which had a bearable wait. Of course, Mr. K. engaged in conversation with a senior couple behind us, and when they found an empty table, they invited us to join them. Mr. K’s friendliness paid off again.

Lines at Cafe’ du Monde, Cafe Beignet, Magician on Jackson Square, and a friend and I relaxing .

Filled up and tired of walking, we made our way to the trolley and back to our car. (Senior sideline: You should’ve seen us trying to find our parking lot). Finally locating our car, we toured other areas in New Orleans. I had to ride down Magazine Street, my favorite, and Mr. K. found two locations where he used to live. It was interesting driving through the architecture I love and seeing many of the parks and residential areas. Stomachs started talking, so we had to find a restaurant.

I remembered this great little neighborhood restaurant my family loved. Another senior moment – remembering the name. I just knew it was “Uncle Dave’s.” NOT! In New Orleans…NOT! Finally, I remember we stayed in Metairie. I Googled restaurants there and found Chef Ron’s. Does that sound anything like Uncle Dave’s? The thing is, Chef Ron puts his hands in everything and comes out to make sure your food is on point. The etouffee I love, Mr. K. the gumbo, and we shared a salad and bread pudding to die for. (We took some home to Mr. K.’s sister, Glenda Williams. Again, this great neighborhood eatery did not disappoint, and of course, after the grand meal, we were ready to sleep.

We awakened, ready for our ride home to the Shoals. We have a running joke. I call my GPS “Gigi,” and Gigi usually has the most efficient way to get to a destination. Mr. K. will also initiate his Garmin device in his car, which is a bit less efficient.. We trusted Gigi to take us home, but I must’ve found the slow, go through every country town, dark road, crazy street route. Needless to say, Mr. K. was too through with Gigi, and I did the walk of shame. What?!

Y’all, I just want to reiterate that wherever we went, whatever we did, we were Covid-conscious. We took nothing for granted, and if a restaurant was not in compliance, we did not stop there. We both have been victims of this virus, and we do what is necessary to stay safe. That being said, we had a wonderful summer post-vaccinated vacation, and we hope you have the opportunity to renew your passions, whatever they are.

This time at the Museum of Science and Industry, in Chicago, masked!

Joy Juice

We did the post-Covid do! Such an exciting time to be aware of this season of life. Some aches? Yes. Some apprehensions about our times? Yes. Some compassion for the many lives lost during these times? Yes. But do we bask in our blessings and joie de vivre? Yes. We are here to live our soul’s journeys, taking with us all we encounter to expand and grow. (Our minds, not our bodies. What!) Thank you for traveling with me.

“However long the night, the dawn will break.” African Proverb

“Seeing is different than being told.” African Proverb

“Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” James 4:14

“It’s all good/love/God” – Victorine

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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