The Show: Indria & Andy Gumbo

We never got a chance to see it on the air…the Indria & Andy Show. But I saw it up close and personal on visits to Chicago and Louisiana, every Thanksgiving, from 2013 to 2016 in AL, and even on the phone. Indria and Andy Perrilloux were funny! Indria was the “straight (wo)man” always starting with her name for Andy, “Anderson!” and Andy would grab her parachute and bring the laughs on home.

I met Indria in high school, where I was always her “Zampino” and she was my “Jessomina,” (from the movie LaStrada, with Anthony Quinn). See? That’s the kind of crazy, weird we were, so it was no wonder that Indria attracted Andy, as her husband-in-laughter. He played golf with comedians, like Bernie Mac, and they called him the “Funny Man!” What?!

Andy Perrilloux, 1989

His sisters by love, Nedra, Pat, and I would talk on the phone with Indria, and all of a sudden, she would let out a short scream. Why? Andy would be peeking at her through a window, or sneaking in to tweak her, anything to hear, “Anderson!” And we would laugh, picturing the two of them; Indria calling him Anderson and other choice names, and Andy responding with even more hilarity. Andy had his mating call as well, “Indra…Indra!” Notice, there’s no “i,” in “Indra”; that was his pet name for her. We loved to hear them go back and forth and to have Andy drive us to and from.

Andy was the driver for many a “girl’s trips.” He drove Indria and friends from Chicago to Tupelo for a party, and they recounted his antics; I experienced laughing at Andy, as he chauffered our crew around New Orleans, his stomping grounds. However, it’s our Thanksgiving visits with Indria and Andy I wanna tell y’all about.

The Perrillouxs would arrive in Florence, AL Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving. After dinner and a night of good sleep, Indria and I would greet the next morning, but without Andy. Why? Andy was off and running after sunrise. We’d be like, “Where have you been?” Andy had been to visit the closest golf course, and to Walmart, where he would meet new friends he could tell us about; he met no strangers. Then, he would hassle us about getting the food ready so he could have a nibble; if we weren’t fast enough, he would grab my son, Miles, and go to my daughter’s house to see what she had. Then, there was the dinner, really, any dinner at my home.

Andy was a former bus driver in Chicago. With Indria encouraging him, he would tell us about his exploits…OK, I’ll tell just one of his stories. He was driving his route and picked up a drunk who decided to get in his face. Andy warned him, “Sir, back away from the driver…” at least several times before he had to literally put this guy in his place. Andy removed him from the bus, sat him on a bench, and put the guy’s hat over him. Andy then returned to his bus and continued his route. We were on the floor laughing after all of his stories. Of course, his regulars would board his bus with all kinds of food and gifts for him. Who could resist Andy?

Anderson Perrilloux

On his early morning jaunt, Andy would bring me a poinsettia for my Thanksgiving treat. The best part of the Indria & Andy show was when they served the gumbo two days after Thanksgiving. They would have us rolling as each family member dove into the pot for more savoring gumbo. We couldn’t get enough…we couldn’t get enough of them, the gumbo they made together.

Andy, Indria, and Bear, 2021

Even though Andy is now in the next realm, he holds our attention/affection, as Indria gives us yet another one of his life stories. For those that love the Perillouxs, including yours truly, the show continues, and I could not write this without smiling.

Caleb, Indria, Andy, and Asher in Grandparent bliss!
Andy Perrilloux
Andy stepping with one of his “sisters,” Pat Kline, at “sister,” Nedra Shelton’s Christmas gathering.

Joy Juice

How can we count the blessings that friendship brings? There is no need to count them; it is our joy to immerse ourselves in the appreciation of our many friendships of the moment. We smile and love easily, understanding the fragility of our time.

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”  Hebrews 10:24-25 

“Hold a true friend with both hands.” African proverb

“It’s all good/love/God” – Victorine

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