The Sunshine State?

My sweet family invited me to take a road trip to Orlando/Kissimmee, FL., where they were visiting their family. Then, they invited Mr. K. Of course, we said “Yes!” (Mr. K. met us there from SC.) Wonderful! Haven’t traveled with the fam in a few years.

We were on our way two days after the Smith/Rock Oscars fiasco; so you already know our topic a quarter of the way there. Y’all!…we turned that slap upside down and inside-out! Finally, we agreed to…well, we never did come to an agreement. We only agreed that we were tired of discussing it. Then, came the music.

The big fun for me was to be introduced to their music, and I liked it. So Strong, by Labi Siffre, was the first of the myriad of songs they played for me. After about the fifth song, I realized I was definitely in the car with activists; every song was about standing up. What!

I guess activists don’t eat. Them kids would not stop to eat for nothing! You know I was like, “Y’all don’t eat?!” An 11-hour drive calls for some vittles. They finally stopped for fast food, and at this juncture, I was game. By the time we got to our Airbnb house in Kissimmee, we were famished. Mr. K. to the rescue! He arrived with a healthy frozen stir-fry, which I whipped up, and we were all good to go. Oh…he had baklava too!

The next day Mr. K. and I headed out to Orlando. Here’s the deal; Mr. K. used to live in several places in FL. So, we went on a search to find his former residences in several cities, Orlando was one of them. I got to see Martin Marietta, where he worked for years, and also found his house. Great for Mr. K. after 40 years.

Also great for Mr. K. was our visit to the small African American museum, Wells Built which highlighted a deceased friend of his, Bob Billingsley. He also recognized another friend who made local history. Then we tried to be tourists to take in several sites, which didn’t work for us. (Remember where we are, in Disney territory.) We ended up at Bahama Breeze for dinner, but not before I had one of my epic falls.

I already told y’all about me in Danger Zone. ‘Thing is, due to foot issues, my balance is off. Also, I do not pick up my feet when I walk. I’m strolling the walkway to Bahama Breeze and before I know it, I’m falling, and I hit my head. Mr. K. and onlookers were quick to come to my rescue, but this time I had to sit a minute to make sure I was OK. I was/am., but every time I think about the fall, my head hurts. What!

Y’all, I can’t walk without chanting! That way I pay attention to what I’m doing. All this to say do what you gotta do to move in a healthy way.

For the next three days we visited St. Petersburg and Clearwater, again to find Mr. K”s homes, St. Petersburg had a coastal area, which was OK, and after quite a duration, we landed at a Jamaican restaurant, Yardie Yvbz. As a family, we also drove to Gainesville to meet my niece and her family for the first time and had a blast. The last day was a Vicki day.

Visiting the Wells Built Museum
Airbnb house, us, and Family!! Nothing better! Hey! where are the boys?!

Off to the Orlando Museum of Art, we went, and guess who was there waiting for us? Jean-Michel Basquait! Really a great exhibition and the museum was wonderful. The museum store clerk sent us to the Park Avenue district for walking and Thai dining at Orchid. I was all up in my zone, and so was Mr. K. We walked and later toured the district to see the massive homes and Florida architecture. We had a really nice ending to our Florida visit.

Florida, at least Central Florida… not for me. Maybe it’s the energy. (Sometimes, you could feel Ron DeSantis). Traveling with family and Mr. K.? Absolutely! Of course, I had to adjust to the screams during the Hawks’ game and the silence of the cell phones, but I understood the assignment. What?!!

Joy Juice

When the kids dropped me off I said, thinking I complained too much, “I know you guys don’t want to travel with me again.” My daughter told me she was hurt when I said it. We recounted the trip and she reminded me that my boys are older now, and that she has to deal with the sports stuff daily. In response, I realized I could hang. (They want me! They really want me)! Of course, I was left with challenged eardrums, but I can adjust when needed.

We are adaptable in this season. Life is too fragile to waste a moment. We open our minds to new ways of doing anything, and realize that if we are not expanding and growing, we might as well cash it in.

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

“It is better to live as a lion for one day rather than 100 years as a sheep.African Proverb

“It’s all good/love/God”Victorine

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