Love Train

Here we go! We made our way to Memphis and checked into the Arrive Hotel on Main Street. About this hotel. It was serious! It is located in a Hipster area, and when entering the lobby, you can’t help but gasp. It’s so cool, with low old leather sofas, salon chairs, an open concept with faded Oriental rugs, and contemporary accents. Tucked in the corner was a cool desk attendant with piercings and a warm smile. She gave us the lowdown on the hotel’s two eateries, the trolley across the street, and welcomed us to a walking-safe area. We were a few blocks away from the Orpheum, where we were going for our concert.

Our room was to die for, with concrete floors, wide open space, and warehouse windows letting in voluminous light. It was tres chic, and you already know I was grinning from ear to ear. Can you say Japanese bathroom? What?!!

Loved the decor – floor, rug, bathroom, robes, warehouse #swag

After settling a bit, Mr. K. went down to the lobby to meet his cousin, Emma. Y’all know Mr. K. likes to talk. When I went down to join them, he had already befriended a lovely couple, Jennifer and Karl Carpenter. They were in Memphis to open their second restaurant. (Their first, Garden Brunch Cafe, is in Nashville). Of course, we had to tell them about Garden Spices Magazine. Turns out our mission is the same – celebrating differences. I’m sure you’ll hear more about the Carpenters in Garden Spices but enters cousin Emma Lockridge. More joy!

Top: Emma, photo of her grandmother and Mr. K., Bottom: Jennifer and Karl Carpenter

Mr. K. gave Emma precious photos of her ancestors. And we spoke a bit about their family and then about her environmental activism in Detroit. I hope we’ll be hearing more about /from Emma too. (She’s a journalist)! After warm goodbyes, we readied for what we came to see – the O’Jays.

Mr. K. and I love the O’Jays, not because Mr. K. is Forever Mine or that we Cried Together. We simply attended because (We) Love Music!! (Y’all know I had to do this). It just doesn’t make any sense how one group could make so many hits! And the O’Jays sang them all. What?!

Here’s the thing about the O’Jays; they sound exactly like their records. Eddie Levert had Covid and was not there. I was so disappointed because I just wanted to experience Eddie’s exuberance. As soon as Eddie’s substitute belted his first note, my frown turned upside down He represented splendidly. And we were singing right with them, “You used to be my girl!!!” We were jammin’. Y’all know how I like to dance, which I did in my seat, but when For the Love of Money started, Mr. K. was out of his seat. I was like, “Alright now!” We left on the Love Train, but we had to walk down them stairs. (Read video caption)

Y’all, Mr. K. had to buy what they had left of tickets. So we are way up yonder. Can we say “stairs!”

Let me say this, and y’all better hear me. I don’t care what the occasion, please wear comfortable shoes, especially if you have challenged feet, like mine. Because of my hurting feet, we did not walk through Beale Street to find a restaurant; we trollied back to the hotel. With both hotel restaurants closed, we were steered to the hamburger joint on the corner of the block. All this place served was hamburgers and chips My feet talked all the way there. But miraculously, my feet stopped hurting when we sat on the stools at that greasy spoon and indulged in probably one of the best hamburgers I have ever eaten.; like Climbing the Stairway to Heaven! What!!

Joy Juice

Want to be uplifted? Play music; it doesn’t matter what the genre. It can take you down the path of memories, make you cry, but mostly uplift your soul. When I go home to a Chicago summer, I run with my friends to different venues to hear jazz or to Trinity Church to hear my cousin Deanna sing. In Bama, Mr. K. and I love the WC Handy Music Festival and the festival we create in his car listening to Sirius play Dusty Records.

Each morning I awaken to a source of life-affirming energy – music. Yes, the silence is nice too, but I invite you to find your soul today with music. Created by the Creator for you.

 Addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart, Ephesians 5:19

Music speaks louder than words. – African Proverb

“It’s all good/love/God”Victorine

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