The Gift of Gratitude

Photo clockwise: Miles, Pat, Bama, & Moi; Pat, Camille, and I; Pat & Thomas; Camille, Taurus, Holly, Thomas and Moi

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Loved Ones,

You are my gifts, and I am grateful.  Because of you, I get to make folks smile and remember that life is a gift that should never be taken for granted.  Thank you.  I hope your holiday was filled with joy and expressed the blessings of being loved.

This year was special for me.  Our family dinner was wonderful, and our food was off the chain. (Try the recipe in the previous post).  We were so full, the fam didn’t even play games.  The following Saturday, I had the blessing of receiving old friends; one of my besties, Pat Lewis, with her husband, Thomas, and their friend, Holly.

Oh, the joy of remembrance!  Pat and I were in and out of old funny stories, and I realized the word “rekindle” is so significant.  The warm feelings we harbor are always within our hearts, and when rekindled, a fire of love and gratitude emanates throughout our spirits.  Also, the kids came over and got to experience our joy.

I tell you we ate and killed politics, with a warning from Holly about folks like Ye, Clarence, and Candace, “You gotta draw the line!”   Stand clear of anyone supporting them. Of course, in Black folk style,  we kept repeating his warning, laughing and screaming with each name we talked about. Pat and I sang a bit of the song we harmonized daily, “I’m So Proud,” (She’s a professional with The Crystals and a Motown group, so I stopped the video where I messed up).  Then, we invited Alexa to the party and danced to the O’Jays. 

Nothing like hugging your love-circle.  Please do so; hug them however you can.  Pat lives in New York, but we talk at least twice a week.  In fact, most of my oldest friends are not in Bama, but I do what I can to stay in touch.  Another thing we did at our table of friends was to just pause, breathe, and recognize how blessed we are to be here, living and loving in this moment.  I’m aware, and I’m grateful.

Pat and I, college days to today.

Wanna hear us sing?!!! Pat’s the pro…me, no!

Love to all!!


“It’s all good/love/God”Victorine

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