VBGold Jewelry

Well…y’all asked for it and here it is – Ancestor-inspired, jewelry created by yours truly. Each piece is made by love and comes with a blessing. I’m just getting started, but as Sam and Dave sing, “Hold On, I’m Comin’!”

Grandma Mary

Grandma Mary was from Macon, GA, and she reluctantly moved to Chicago to help take care of my brother and me. She longed for the South, singing spirituals, “Oh they tell me of uncloudy days,” and planting a garden in our backyard.

This piece is highlighted by large ceramic beads, (Chicago), creamy rag cotton, (GA) binding the beads, and a large agate wandering stone, (Grandma Mary). As a child, she was my strength, teaching me her songs, to crochet, and how to win spelling bees.

Lemondrop Ruth

Auntie Ruth taught me to dance, and this piece is embellished with large resin stones, which dance through the tropical fruit. When I resided on tropical St. Maarten, Auntie Ruth visited, bringing her special brand of joy.


This piece is made from “Tibetan Agate Beads – Tibetan Gemstone Beads – Natural Beads – Tibetan Dzi Beads – Heaven Eye Beads.” Named after Archie Bourgeron who had beautiful eyes. The copper piece was given to me by his stepdaughter.

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