Out of the Prairie and on to Houston

We forged ahead, from Corsicana to the homes of two greats, Mr. K.’s Aunt Irma Kendrick and Prairie View A & M University. (PVAMU) Let me just say this; when you roll up into an HBCU town, you can feel the heritage. This town bleeds purple and gold, legacy, pride, and is a sanctuary for strength and wisdom. Aunt Irma is a big part of all things wonderful about Prairie View.

Mr. K. in his PVAMU Alumni T-shirt

The clouds rode with us to Prairie View, and when we got there, we hit the local restaurant for food offerings to give Aunt Irma. Mind you, this was not my first time meeting her, and ever since our first meeting, I feel as though I’ve known her forever. Her home is modest and mighty, welcoming all that enter with warmth, family stories remembering her deceased husband, Griff, and giving testimony that excellence is a possibility. Aunt Irma ought to know; she has ushered, sheltered, typed for, and guided many a student to success via PVAMU.

I won’t preempt Mr. K.’s praise for his Aunt Irma. You can read it for yourself in his article, How Aunt Irma Influenced My Life.” However, I do wish to validate that she is everything he says she is. And I say Aunt Irma is an exemplary person that warms my heart whenever I encounter her. Oh…and she welcomes her guests with serious chili and poundcake. What?!!

Aunt Irma with a recipient of her warmth

Thank the Universe we were with Aunt Irma when the ferocious storm struck and raised its voice throughout the night. After two days of Kendrick-kindness, we made our way to our next destination – Houston.


On to Mr. K.’s cousin’s spectacular Bed & Breakfast, La Maison in Midtown Houston, but not before paying a visit. My friends from Chicago, Ron (Smitty) and Pat Smith, recently relocated to Houston, and we had to holla at them. Our “holla” turned into a celebration of meeting their new house, their daughters, and their families, including beautifully vibrant children. They all lived within walking distance of each other in a lovely subdivision.

We swapped Chicago stories and laughed at Smitty’s antics throughout the day, and as we said our goodbyes, I knew my friends were in good hands with their new home, Houston.

La Maison

This was my second visit to La Maison; my first to simply see the B&B and to take Mr. K.’s cousin and co-owner, Genora Boykins to dinner. I was so impressed with this urban swank and splendor, but with no vacancies, I could not see the full cigar. However, we did see the dining area and caught Happy Hour, where beyond wine, several guests were chowing down on aperitifs. Not to be rude, we joined them. What?!

On this visit, Mr. K. booked one of the guest rooms, and I got to feel the warmth and luxury created by Boykins and co-owner, Sharon Owens. It delivered beauty, from the parlor to the rooms with every amenity desired. Because the B&B is centrally located in Midtown, it is a walk away from restaurants. Of course, we found our Thai, dined sufficiently, and made our way back to the lap of luxury provided by La Maison. Pictures:

La Maison Midtown Houston

After a wonderful breakfast via Chef Matthew Williams, and a morning thanks and goodbye, Mr. K. and I were on our way home to the Shoals, except…we intended to stop at Mr. K.’s favorite restaurant in Baton Rouge, but it was Covid-closed. Sooo…he says “Let’s go to New Orleans!” Who am I to argue? Stay tuned!*

Featured image: David Daniel Turner, CC BY 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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It’s all good/love/God” – Victorine

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