Where Do I Start?

I’m starting with me!   Y’all, I been traveling, but before I started, I had to come to terms with what I did during COVID. I ate and sat… and sat and ate, had a bout with COVID, which made me lie down, but afterward, I resumed my daily routine.  A hot mess, I was. After I got vaccinated, I knew I was ready to hit the road with Mr. K. and had to do something soon, so I decided to Noom. What?!!

Yep.  I bit the bullet and joined Noom, a different kind of eating program.  They got ya’ girl doing psychological warfare on crazy eating, serious accountability. I got all kinds of studies,  on anything from dialectical thinking to endocrinology, but what really helps me dig in are a lesson and a tool:

Lesson:   I have a thought, which triggers me to take action; if that action is against my well-being, my consequences are contrary to my ultimate desires.  Tool:  I got an “elephant,” (I call him Trumpet), that likes to eat and wraps me in his trunk when I eat what does not serve me, and I got a “trainer/rider,” Tara, that tames Trumpet and soothes me into doing the right thing.  Oh, I let Trumpet have his way, from time to time.  I need his assistance – to be able to identify him.  Noom makes me think and act like I have some sausage sense.

I got a bazillion tools that assist my process, and they are in concert with all my daily spiritual practices – meditation, mindfulness, what I talk about all the timeNo food is off-limits, but Noom’s got me learning how to enjoy the food I choose and not ingest the copious amounts I felt I had to eat to be sustained.  See this picture?

In Charleston, SC with Mr. K. and a Low Country Boil

Now, there was a time when I would have lit into that food until it screamed for mercy. HELP!!! But Mr. K. and I shared every bit of food we had on our vacation, and I even had bites of his dessert. What else?

I learned something really important; that sitting on my behind for hours at a time is the equivalent of smoking – it’s deadly. I turned 71 on May 14th. I intend to be here. You think I’m not up every two hours, walking, marching, dancing, doing whatever I can to save my life? Y’all betta’ get up too!

No, I have no “Before and After” pictures to show you, and the scale has only moved 15 pounds since March, but Y’all, my clothes fit again! I feel good, healthy, and confident that the results I need to find my balance will come. Of course, I’ll take you on my journey, but we got other stuff to talk about first.

Mr. K. and I were vaccinated, and we have been seriously vacationing. What?!! Stay tuned!!

Image: Food from SugarPearl’s

Web MD on Noom

Joy Juice

Here’s the thing…all that stuff I preach about meditation, intention, frequency, and balance apply to every aspect of our living, including eating.  Today, I feel I have found something that reminds me of what I know.  I hope you find what you need outside to remind you of what you have inside, that takes you to your balance.

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“It’s all good/love/God “- Victorine

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