And So It Begins! Charlotte, NC

Here we go…here we go!!!

First of all, I flew. I FLEW! That’s a big deal, post-COVID. I had a pleasant flight experience to Charlotte, NC, with absolutely no hitches. Mr. K was at the airport waiting for me, and off we went to our hotel. Mr. K and I are big-time GPSers. So, Mr. K. found our Wyngate destination near the airport in an area that was rather seedy. I was like…uhhh. FYI, there are several Wyngate hotels in Charlotte. We were at the wrong site. Always check your address before checking your GPS.

We settled in, I unpacked, and off we went to meet Kobi and Emory, Mr. K’s daughter and granddaughter. Our first-time meeting is encapsulated in one word – delightful; they were both down-to-earth, engaging, lovely women. Emory has a passion for writing, which is fed at Brown University. (Y’all know I couldn’t leave our visit at just one word, and don’t think I didn’t ask Emory to grace Garden Spices with her words). What?!!

Eating Charlotte

Inside Leah and Louise, North Charlotte

We ended our visit with Kobi and Emory hungry to taste Charlotte’s cuisine, and Kobi suggested what she considers to be the best restaurant in Charlotte, Leah and Louise. Unfortunately, we were too late and only experienced this…

…instead of this:

Cuisine at Leah and Louise, A Modern Juke Joint Camp, Camp North End
SARU Ramen, Camp North End

We were disappointed, but since we were already in Camp North End with stalls offering a myriad of choices, we landed at SARU Ramen and ordered the ramen Tonkutso noodles with bone broth, meat, and veggies. Here’s the thing. You order ramen…you eat noodles, right? You do unless the noodles are on top of a deep cup and you have to stir up all the goodies to get the full breadth of the experience. Of course, Mr. K. and I did not know this until I nosed over to the next table and noticed how they were eating. By this time, we had eaten quite a bit of our noodles. We stirred and really enjoyed our ramen. (Now, when somebody says they are eating ramen, I won’t think of the college dorm noodles).

Gotta Have My Art

The next day we let our hotel feed our stomachs for breakfast and The Harvey B. Gantt Center feed our souls. Thank goodness it was open, and we were able to view the wide collection of art by African Americans. From contemporary to ancient works, the center was filled with the cultural treasures that define Black art.

Our visit wasn’t long enough to sample the many cultural spices of Charlotte, but we were there long enough for me to taste the flavor of this city. It is progressive and high-end from the eye. Due to COVID, so many places had limited access, but the people were diverse, and every one of them was masked, indoors and outdoors. Mr. K. drove me through many areas of the city from North Charlotte and Midtown, to South Charlotte, Piper Glen, where his daughter lives. He says it won’t be my last visit, and I can’t wait to get back there to really dig into all Charlotte has to offer.

Joy Juice

I did have one more event. I met one of my “daughters” for the first time, Carla Renae, from SugarPearl’s. Never met so much joy, exuberance, with humility and beauty to boot. The only thing…we didn’t get a chance to have her cook for us.

“It’s all good/love/God” – Victorine

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