You My Mama!

So, everyone that has had any recent contact with me knows that my digital magazine, Garden Spices Magazine, was hijacked.  Yes, directly after the George Floyd verdict, my site was hit and left with articles written by the devil itself.  The tunes sung were about Black trans athletes, Blacks against whites, George Floyd was a criminal, you get the picture.  I was devastated, but not as outdone as my warrior, daughter, Camille.

Y’all know I’m Miss Spirituality.  So, while Mr. K and I were set to travel (road trip, road trip!), I decided I would leave my computer home to release and let go of my magazine troubles; to let God have its way.  And whoa…God worked through warrior Camille to get my magazine up and running and to help track down the culprit.  Although we have not yet found who committed the terrorism, Spicy will be making a guest appearance in the new issue of Garden Spices!!  Oh yeah…it’s done!  Mr. K and I were driving through Atlanta jammin’  to Mystical’s Bouncin’ Back, and I was thinking of the terrorists as I rapped with Mystical,

“You keep bumping me against the wall
Yeah I know I let you slide before
But until you seen me trust me
(You ain’t seen bouncin’ back)…

Ah stick ya chest out, keep your chin up
‘Cause sometimes you gotta get knocked down to get up.” – Mystical

You guys already know how I am.  I’ll find God in anything, including rap music.  What?!!

Let’s look at Miss Irene, my mother.  She didn’t want us to worry about her, so she moved from her beloved Chicago to Bama.   If you knew her, you knew a woman who expressed gratitude for every nuance of her life, was fierce, and had a life well-lived/loved.  She was incredible and a great mentor.  However, she never stopped exclaiming how much she learned from me, even during her last years.  I now find myself shouting like my mama.  I learn so much from my daughter, Camille.

I tease and call her “The Dragon Lady,” and if you know her activism, then you know why.  However, that’s not what I want to talk about.  Beyond her activism, I am in awe of what she does to stay centered and how mindful she is.  She moves her body at least one hour daily, prays, meditates, eats well, and reasons beyond my expectations or ability.  When complimented, she always says to me, “You my mama,” giving me the credit for how she rolls.  I dare say that as we age, our mother status shifts, and we see ourselves through our daughters.  And although vice-versa is true, this shift still feels complicated.  How do our daughters know so much about navigating life? Sometimes, it downright makes me mad that her thoughts are so much more logical than mine.

Next week, I’ll be 71 years old, and my daughter is teaching me when to hold ’em and foldem; how much information to release and when to stop running my mouth.  Y’all know I have yet to learn my lesson; I tell y’all everything!  She’s always on me about being too judgemental, nick-picky, and bossy, and swears I don’t know how to ask for what I’m worth.  Guess what?  She’s right, but it just don’t feel right coming from someone you birthed and bathed. What?!

What does feel right is to take this moment to thank Camille for tapping into and expressing the Mother-God within her.  Thing is, Mama-God resides within all of us through intuition, compassion, awareness, strength, and of course, nuturing.  Recognize her when you see/feel her; she’s everywhere present, just like Father-God.  So, of course I want to wish you all , every age and gender, a Happy Mother’s Day.

Joy Juice

Motherhood has played a powerful roll in every faith practice.  Mr. K and I went to visit a village that practiced African spirituality, and were told that the Chiefs seek counsel with the women.  Then there are so many stories about the role Mary played with Jesus, including birthing him and releasing him to do his work with a mama nudge “His mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you.'” (John 2:5).  “In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna pointed out to his disciple Arjuna that women are as worthy and as capable as men of achieving liberation, or moksha.”  

Recognize, honor and celebrate the mother within you.  We so bad, the universe gave us a holiday. What?!!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  That’s what!

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