If left to my own, I would have a secretary…no, an assistant…no, a digital genie.  He would wield my phone and computer during working hours and my TV remotes at night.  He would remember User ID’s and passwords, navigate troubleshooting, dictate my every creative thought to page with perfect form, and at night, make my Firestick stream.  What?!!

I love writing, but ham mercy, as soon as I decided to do this blog, my computer put its dukes up and was like, “You got some dues to pay first. Delete your History, Cookies, and Cache, refresh my browser…No, Girl, you need a new charger.  You know how Apple chargers are.  Wait now, why do I have an Error Code?  Call Firefox and ask them…No? Then ask WordPress...OK, now we can get started. ” In the meantime, WordPress was on the other side of the ring. “Uh, I got a new writing tool for you, – Block Editor,  an “upgrade.”  Y’all, I was 3 hours trying to stack those blocks. I failed the grade.  I had to leave the ring and go back to the Classic Editor. “Genie!” Now my phone…

My Son-in-love, Taurus Bennett.

My wonderful Son-in-love talked me into moving away from iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy.  “Don’t be held hostage to Apple,” he said.  “You will love all the apps,” he said.  He was right.  I was in another galaxy.  I found out why they called them Smartphones; you have to be smart to operate them.  I been fooling with this phone for almost two years, and still don’t know what I’m doing.  My Sister-in-law had to give me a tutorial. Then she was in another galaxy fooling with me.   What?!!

Partner in the Galaxy, Cassie Mebane

It’s Saturday night in Memphis, where I am visiting.  The family and I are settled in for some TV, and so are a bazillion other viewers that want to watch the same new movies we are choosing.  That Firestick was streaming like a river gone wild.  We had to go back and watch The Little Rascals“Genie!”

My .genie is a wish, but my willingness to navigate devices is real and something I’m proud of.  Half the time I don’t know what I’m doing, but I am willing to take the time to learn; I have plenty of itI hope.

Joy Juice

Can you imagine that some of us are embarking upon new undertakings?  Yes.  Every day is a new unfolding of our being.  We do whatever our hearts need to be fulfilled, to thrive, to stay ‘live.  This, our blessed/morning time.

“It’s all good/God/Love” – Victorine

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