Why does my daughter call me “TVicki?”  (Being the Taurus I am, I call her “Phonarama.”)  So I watch a little too much TV.  Mr. K. was like, ” Uhh..I think you watch a little more TV than I do.”  I’m like, “What else is there to do? ” Surely not read, or go out for a walk, or go volunteer, or actually go out to an actual theater to see a movie, I might miss something – one of “my shows.”  Mr. K does all those things; and, believe me, he ain’t missing a thing.  Y’all know I get out, but when I’m home, starting about 10AM during the week and 8:00AM during the weekend the TV is my backdrop.  I gotta keep up with er’thing: news, Views, styles, Mahers, Hall, balls What?!!

I get this earnestly.  We were one of the first TV families.  Years later, my folks had a TV in every room.  You didn’t have to worry about what you might miss in the kitchen.  You could cook to the TV.  I inherited TVness.  When the kids or Mr. K are not here, I am at home alone, but the TV is a window to the world, and it talks.

The truth is, as much as I talk about being Present, I will turn that video box on and do anything but watch it. It’s on right now!  I must say, sometimes it’s pretty sad.  I will watch “Project Runway.”  Let them kick the ‘wrong’ designer off the show.  I gotta call my friend who also watches the show and rant.  And now, we can go beyond the mundane contributions of regular viewing to Netflix, Prime, and Hulu.

I have seen that Abbey, them Handmaids, My Idris…I mean, Luther; I even been to the Ozarks. However, I do claim Oprah’s status by not having a TV in my bedroom. Why do I have my iPad, which has all premium networks? My grandsons figured that one out right away. They were like,  “Grammy, you watch TV on your iPad, don’t you?”  I had to admit,  “I do,” Yes, I’m doing the walk of shame – married to the TV.

Joy Juice

There’s nothing wrong with entertainment resources, but before engaging, we take a little time to talk and listen to the Higher Self.  The only commercial station is the mind chatter, but we can turn it off at and get back to our vital programming. Any day, any time, our real Source is waiting.

“It’s all good/God/Love.” – Victorine

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2 Replies to “TV”

  1. I made the mistake of letting my son be in charge of devices until he left for Stanford. Needless to say, I was so crippled that it took me years to get back up to speed. You have been warned.

    Mr. K

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