Low Country…Hilton Head and Chez’ Statham

The splendor of Low Country preceded Mr. K and me with lush greenery and dotted shops along the way. We were making our way to the land of luxury, with upscale homes, resorts, and outlining beachesHilton Head. Driving in, we GPSed our way to cousins-in-law, Gloria and Carl Statham. Thank God!

Gloria had been trying to get me to visit them since her cousin, Bob, made his transition. Fourteen years later we drove through a tunnel of trees, manned the twists and turns to the Statham’s home. The physical appearance of a house has little to do with all the beauty we experienced. However, this spacious house was intentional and had every room and appointment you could ask for. My “Thank God” is defined by the welcome Mr. K. and I received. After me Oohing and Ahhing over the house, we were greeted with a smorgasbord of delights. In spite of our plans to stay with them for only a day, we were invited and taken up to our suite to stay with them. our entire stay. What?!

I don’t know why I didn’t keep shooting the video up to their house. What?!

Let’s get this out of the way: Gloria cooks like her mama, Aunt Nick, who had lick-the-plate meals. So, every meal was delicious. After breakfast, (the woman had lox!), we planned our day. Of course, Mr. K. wanted to show me his old haunts; I wanted to walk the beach, and Gloria and Carl had clear calendars for showing us what they love about living in the Low Country. We did it all.

Hilton Head is loaded with venues for outdoor activities, bike and hiking trails, jet skiing, parasailing. This vacation spot also boasts art and music spaces, and taking note of historical Hilton Head, it has a multitude of former plantations, now, swank resorts (Hmmm); Mr. K. has vacationed in plenty of them, all impressive. (As impressive as they look, unless you are staying on the grounds for the day, do not pay to see them…ask me how I know). The beach was all I wanted; so Mr. K. pulled into the Marriott, and we walked through to the beach, which enabled a lovely beach walk. We made our way back to our house to Gloria’s and readied to go to the town market.

It was so nice to walk the weekly market and to meet all kinds of vendors, even kids selling items for fundraising. We settled on some delicious-looking bread, (.I wonder why…). We bought a couple of loaves, and while the guys found a bar for drinks, Gloria and I went looking at the various shops on the outskirts of the market area. We joined the guys for drinks and made our way back to the house.

Gloria and Carl live on a golf course, so they loaded us into a couple of carts, and off we went to see the country club, its amenities, and the greens. All were gorgeous, but Carl’s landscaping was the “Wow” for me. We also enjoyed their Low Country Boil, which was tumbled onto a patio table where we stuffed ourselves. Key Lime pie followed. (I only at two three fork-fulls). What?!

The next day, we packed our bags for goodbyes, but not before experiencing a spiritual talk in the Sunroom with Carl and a great breakfast, this time, with Gloria’s loaded grits. (Mr. K. had the nerve to try putting butter on them. Those grits were cooked with butter!) Their Sunroom lends itself to serenity, and that’s exactly what we felt leaving our visit with cousins, Gloria and Carl, serenity...our Hilton Head visit.

Living room, dining room, some of the many sculptures, They have many original pieces,including the ones over our guest suite in the vibrantly yellow room
Our Gloria and Carl’s house, family room, sun porch, view from the sun porch, patio overlooking the golf course, Carl’s “hobby,” landscaping.

Carl and Gloria at the market, in the kitchen (Yay), a goodby selfie, and Mr. K and I, leaving our home resort.
Gloria and Carl

Joy Juice

It took this long for me to be able to experience the love connection of Carl and Gloria without feeling the pain of losing Bob. Grieving a loved one can do that, put a hold on connections that you feel may be painful.

Thank God that rejuvenation can reawaken the spirit. (Of course, I give Mr. K. some credit here too). Every old friend and family member we visited on our trip welcomed Mr. K. with open arms, which means they continue to lift me up, and I am grateful.

“It’s all good/love/God” – Victorine

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