Travelin’ On…Oyotunji

Photo: King, HRM. Oba Adegbolu Adefunmi II

On our way to Hilton Head, SC, Mr. K. and I searched for it and found it – Oyotunji, the African Yoruba Nation, in Sheldon, SC. I could not wait to meet the Yoruba village that was said to be Africa in America, and indeed we found a self-sustaining village/community that practices and lives the Yoruba and Dahomey spirituality and culture. We took the tour and what impressed me was the sovereign spirit. The village is self-sustaining, and Oyotunji is its own nation, independent of the United States of America. What?!

This nation/village was started in 1970 by King (Oba) Ofuntola Oseijeman Adelabu Adefunmi I; it is intentional, with families and individuals that come to be initiated socially and spiritually into the Yoruba culture. The children are home-schooled and we were told their scores rank higher than children schooled traditionally. We were introduced to the many sculptures representing the Yoruba deities and orishas, and we met the current King, HRM. Oba Adegbolu Adefunmi II. Since my website had been hijacked, I asked him which diety influenced communication. (Y’all notice? I didn’t ask for revenge).

King HRM. Oba Adegbolu Adefunmi II instructs me on paying homage to a deity to protect my websites.

Our tour guide was previously a Social Worker. This is her story:

We only caught a glimpse of the rich representation of Yoruba life, and unfortunately, we missed their Festival by only a few days. There, we would’ve experienced a celebration of life as they know it, but there’s always a future visit.

Flyer for the 2021 Festival at Oyotunji African Kingdom
Altars, statues, and drawings of orishas
The king and I, Osun, and Osun’s altar


Joy Juice

What a joy to have a partner-in-adventure who would forge the back roads to a village where we can see and feel the Ancestor/African past-present. Wherever we go, we find a different kind of joy, unlike our own; we expand our understanding. That’s what traveling does, gets us out of the way of ourselves, See you in Hilton Head!

“It’s all good/love/God” – Victorine

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