Abundance Bakery and MY Upside-down Cupcakes

So, I was commenting on a post about what identifies Chicago, (thanks, Lorraine), and I posted a picture of Abundance. Bakery.  I couldn’t believe that I was publishing an issue of Garden Spices Magazine on the topic, Abundance, and that I had not thought of my Chicago crave or the place that satisfies it.  My must-have on my visits…the delectable Uncle Villy’s Upside-Down Cupcake(s), from Abundance Bakery.  Notice the plural?  Just one won’t do.   I can never wait long enough to get to the Bronzeville bakery to buy one; Co-owner,  my sistah-friend, Janice Ball has to bring me my stash, which I guard and savor like Cujo.  I’m like the Godfather eating his cannoli; it’s serious.  What?!!!

Quick story:  My friend, Pat Kline had a gathering for me at her home.  As usual, friends mingled throughout her home.  I was upstairs when Janice rang the doorbell and entered the kitchen.  As grace would have it, I was by myself in the kitchen, where she handed me my golden goose – the cupcakes.  I went into stealth mode and hid them behind one of the appliances.  Was there enough to share?  Never…until I get my first bite. I went back downstairs to mingle.  Venturing back upstairs for whatever, (certainly not to have a bite of cupcake), I noticed one of my nieces, Iman, eating one of my an Uncle Villy.  I looked at Pat, with horror and asked, “Where did that cupcake come from?”  She pointed to the bag that was clearly mine. 

Pat tried to tell me that Iman loved the cupcakes as much as I, and I was like, “Nobody, but nobody loves them cupcakes like I do, and you have clearly kicked the dog by giving some of mine away!”  Of course, we laughed, not for real and I had at least one more cupcake to quench my craving for the evening.  Of course, Janice promised to bring more.

By the way, we always make at least one stop at Bill and Jan’s Abundance Bakery.  They are old friends, like family that have kind hearts, but they know they definitely have some fine, soulful bakery.  Oh yes, they have plenty to choose from, and my friends make their selections, but you know my fave, those caramel cupcakes carry Chicago home with me.  What?!!

Joy Juice

Did you miss the part about Jan bringing me her/my Uncle Villy’s Upside-down Cupcakes?  That’s the kind of blessings I dwell in on my visits to Chicago.  I am nestled in a wealth of warm friendships that laugh, cry, pray and always love.  May you cherish your family/friends old and new.  We breathe for loving.  Ase’

“It’s all/good/love/God” – Victorine

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