No Vaccine for Victorine on Valentine’s

What is happening?!!!  Why is it that everyone I know is vaccinated but moi?!!!  I mean the search is a challenge I wasn’t ready for.  I just knew that when the site opened for the 65+ year olds in Bama, that I would be one of the first to receive one.  I signed up to be notified.  So, of course I thought this meant I would be scheduled somehow.  No?  Oh well, I’ll just get up at 5:30AM and get to the site at 6:00AM.  Just drive up and take my rightful place to get vaccinated.  Oh wait…there are a few more cars…more…more...around the corner more.   “I ‘ll go back a few hours later.”  More cars, wrapped around two corners now.  Thank goodness a policeman alerted me that most these cars were here for their second shot.  “They only have 100 vials today; you might as well go home.”  What?!!!

I was listening to NPR programming, when they announced that Walmart would be giving the vaccine.  I hightailed it to a store at 8:00AM, walked around Wally World for an hour, (I’m not a fan, but I shopped that day thinking it might give me “favor” in getting vaccinated).  Nine o’clock sharp, I stroll up to the now-opened pharmacy, first one there, only to be told that I have to schedule online.  Hah!  no problem for me; I live on the computer.  I Google, only to meet an error code – no vaccines yet.  I call the pharmacy to alert them.  I am told they will fix the error.

I know all the tricks.  I leave my tab set for Walmart, so I won’t miss a beat, checking each time I think about it to see if the error is fixed.  I swear, all I did was blink, when my girlfriend, Judy Claytor texted me that her cousin got her appointment with Walmart!  I scurry to get mine,  this is what I get:

Needless to say, I checked every Walmart from here to Timbuktu; nothing…nada. Jacqueline Johnson tried to move mountains for me, (bless her heart), alerting me to every place she would hear about landing the shot, but nothing. Do you hear me? Nothing! All my friends are bragging, “I’m going back for my second shot.” I’m like, “WHAHHHHH (t)!”

I want my shot now! I can be patient. The main thing is I don’t want any of you to feel guilty  ABOUT GETTING YOUR SHOTS and telling the world.  Mr. K., don’t feel badly about leaving my house early and securing your vaccination here in Bama, instead of SC.  No, don’t feel bad, just GET ME VACCINATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh…and Happy Valentines Day. 

Joy Juice

I love to laugh with y’all.  How wonderful so many people are getting vaccinated, tending to the possibility of our nation ridding itself of this pandemic.  (love) No vaccination?  They will be allocating to more sites, (love), on time.  Always, God steers my time.  (LOVE)Ase’

“It’s all good/God/love” – Victorine

Mr. K’s Valentine’s orchids, (as if y’all haven’t seen them all over Facebook. What?!!)

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2 Replies to “No Vaccine for Victorine on Valentine’s”

  1. MBO. You’ll get it, hang in there. However, thanks for lettin a sista know she should not feel guilty about goin this week for her second shot, you’re so sweet……..Mr. K. I think you better, like James Brown said, “Get on the good foot” still LMBO!!

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