In my last post, Marred Vision, I told y’all about my excursions with Mr. K, to museums, protests, family visits and such. Did I mention that I have every kind of mask imaginable – batik, African, Good Trouble, A No Justice, No Peace, Project Say Something mask, elastic over my head, some around my ears. I don’t leave home without one. I also wear glasses. Oh yes, I practice COVID-SAFETY. What..,no Where…no, How…Did I contract “IT?”

I thought I had my annual virus, yuck feeling, a few chills, and a three-day heal. Of course, I checked the CDC symptoms. No headache, no fever, no aches, breathing well with maybe a mild, infrequent congested cough. On the fourth day, Tuesday, I felt a sense of malaise. Mr. K thought maybe I was just bored. Hah! We stopped to pick up lunch, went home, and I needed to nap. ( I told y’all about my naps.) So, no problem there, except I slept through the night. The next day I felt tired, but tried to do light housework and made myself take a walk. When I got home, out I went again. This time, I would not leave the couch. I would awaken, feel this nausea, then back to sleep I went, I only awakened to bathe, change underwear, then back down to sleep. Maybe every hour or so I would wake up, but feel this yuck, nausea, and back down I’d go. This lasted for 3 days until my daughter, Camille, the Dragon Lady, put the kibosh on me. “You gotta go to see your doctor!” Monday, I went; Dr. Santiago tested me for COVID, but not without pondering thyroid problems and even Mono! Tuesday, I learned I tested positive. Today is Friday, and I am still extremely lethargic, with no energy and the yuck feeling every now and then.

Why the transparency? I want you guys to know that :

  1. Don’t play. We were around several people that were not wearing masks. Even though we had ours on, I got IT. I thought I got IT from my son, Miles, who lives with me, but he tested negative. Unfortunately, Mr. K was +.
  2. IT is an enigma. It may not look the way you think it should. If you feel any way outside of normal, GET TESTED. Mr. K is asymptomatic.
  3. VITAMIN UP! I have religiously taken Vitamins D and C for years, adding Zinc during COVID. I do believe that may have helped my condition.

Y’all, I am so blessed! Age 70, with asthma, and here I be, a COVID survivor. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m here, and I do not take IT for granted. I am being cool and healing smart. What?!


Joy Juice

Every day I pray for those that have been affected by this pandemic. I am forever grateful for my loving family and friends that fuss about me. In the midst of these changing times, it is always the time to love strong, not to take a moment for granted. Remember

It’s all good/ love/God – Victorine

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8 Replies to “IT”

  1. You’ve been on my mind for the past week and I kept saying I be got to call/text Vicky and obviously I procrastinated. I’m So sorry that you’ve not been well & COVID snuck up on you but relieved that your symptoms were not life threatening. Sending you hugs, positive energy and much love.

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  2. As a friend, I am so happy that you are moving in the direction of full recovery from IT. As a reader I thank you for the reminder that we MUST remain vigilant.

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  3. A timely message from someone who’s been through it. Your sound advice may save someone’s life. So glad that you are on the road to recovery, my friend.

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