Marred Vision

Mr. K is here visiting from South Carolina.  We are COVID safe and cozy here in Bama.  What us gon’ do?  No more dances and concerts, but plenty of TV.  My son is like, “Why y’all looking at your devices as you watch TV?”  I’m like, “‘Cause we grown.” We go for masked visits with his folks, walks in the park, silent protests with my folks,  and do what we both love – hitting eateries and museums.  What?!

Sunday we visited the Huntsville Museum of Art  Loved it, especially the Red Clay Survey, displaying work by Alabama artists. Then we picked up some food at my favorite Caribbean restaurant, Mango’s –  oxtail and red snapper dinners.  Shut up!  I was grinning ear-to-ear.  Wednesday, we drove to Savannah, TN.  After eating delicious catfish at the Catfish Hotel in Shiloh, my history buff, Mr. K. suggested we drive through Shiloh Park. I’m like, “Oh Lort!  Art, yes, but a battleground park? Ugh…”

Upon entering the pristine park, we met a few canons and cannonball sculptures, and as we drove further, I noticed the dedicated monuments to Northern states, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa.  Of course!  The Union won this battle.  There was southern representation too, and a massive cemetery, commemorating the dead.

This ground, so reverently silent, had been the backdrop of mass carnage.  Young men fighting for what they believed to be just, and death taking no prisoners. This battle killed over 23,000 men.


Shiloh Cemetery

I could not help but think about the subverted battle cry of our current Commander in Chief, receiving nationwide coverage September 29, 2020.  How can any American review our bloody past,  our Civil War, and invoke a “stand back” and a “stand by” for white supremacists, the misnomer, “Proud Boys?”  What do we do to combat a vision of division, the ensuing battleground held by the person at the helm of our country.? We are implored to hold our own perception and act upon it.  We must identify the malady of racism by calling it out, denouncing it, and it starts in your neighborhood.

In my small town. Florence, AL racial justice activists are antagonized dailyMayor Holt is at our helm, and he and other city administrators are complicit by their silence. They will not speak out against Confederate symbols, racism, and how they affect the community.  .  They will not speak out about the threats of violence received daily on social media.  This denial breeds more division, with white supremacists feeling empowered by the silence of the city administration.

The sages say, “Everything must come up to come out,” This is the only way we can find our way to healing.  We can no longer stay within the state of denial. 

Mayor Holt and the City Council of Florence, I challenge you to step up and publicly denounce racism.  Do it before the election, even with the fear of losing racists voters.

This is the first step to a true vision for a small town, then perhaps a nation.


Joy Juice

Critical mass.  Those of us willing to transcend the news of the day to hold a vision of togetherness can have a great impact on our country.  Counting on a few good men/women to join me.  It ain’t easy, but it’s what I can do.

It’s all good/love/God – Victorine

© 2020 Vicki Goldston, All rights reserved.

Featured  Photo by Alexis Fauvet on Unsplash

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3 Replies to “Marred Vision”

  1. Vote those lames out. They aren’t worth a life line, rope, or a “watch out”. Hit’em in the head with that vote at the poll. Be safe.
    One day i got to ride through yer hood with my appetite. 🍴

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  2. Well said, once again. Calling it out is what we must either start or continue to do.
    “None are so blind as those who refuse to see” Being a native of B’ham, AL, and a child raised in part of the jim crow erea, seen it up close and personal. Until the alcoholic(racist) recognizes he/she is an alcoholic(a racist), They see no problem to address. What?! I get real nervous and then I remember, do your part “God is still in charge”………..I don’t care what it looks like.

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