Just a thought…”Will you still love me tomorrow?”

Oh yes, Black is back!! We are on the cover of every magazine. There are Black faces hawking everything you can think of, from film to fashion, in front of and behind cameras, and in every business sector. Black lives now matter, cause Black money has always mattered.  We witness white folks promoting Black to assuage guilt from the recent lynchings and distorted history .  “What us gon’ do?”  We’re gonna let them promote us with their hair flying back., as we ride the wave of exploitationWhat?!!!

Go ahead!  Promote us.  We’ll take it.  There was a time you couldn’t find a Black model on a fashion page.   Check out The Great Awokening; we got your Vogue, GQ, Bazaar, even a Special Edition of Vanity Fair with, The Great Fire, by Guest Editor, Ta-nehshi Coates – Black folks everywhere!  Black Entertainment Network, BET,  has to look out; Netflix, Prime, Hulu, all the cable channels are sportin’ Black entertainment.  You don’t have to search anymore; Black entertainment has a highlighted section.  We even glow in the dark!

Image from a Facebook post. Title Unknown

We’re in.  Black folks are protesting, tearing off the shackles of Confederate myths by tearing down symbols of hate.  We crawl through the carnage of police policy, demanding justice and reform, and most astounding, we find so much of the white population moving with us.  We lead; they follow, asking how to use their privilege, paying homage to so many lessons never realized until now.   Black frontline workers and old folks also leading positive COVID numbers.  Oh yeah, we in. 

Global revolution, fire literally burning our streets, our earth, our hearts.  Where are Black folks…in the news, of course, with fists raised in protest.  Always, camera shots of Blacks rioting; so often, faceless white imposters wearing black, initiating the mayhem, waving flags of terror.  A new Blackface.

Indeed, Black is back, but for how long? If the fire of sensation simmers, and the celluloid dissolveswill the work, the good trouble, the inclusion of Black and brown people continue? 

“Will you still love me tomorrow?” You/we must.

Joy Juice

Of course, this is an important time in our global existence; history is being created before our eyes.  We must remember the work and blessings in cleaning the ashes and continuing to work during and after the reveal of justice.  Celebrating an Anniversary is more challenging than a Honeymoon, but more rewarding.  We must continue the course knowing, “Joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5

“It’s all love/good//God.” – Victorine

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5 Replies to “Just a thought…”Will you still love me tomorrow?””

  1. Well said. I wait for time, watch to see, and pray that this go round of “being in” will not return to being just more of the same . I believe the the Lord is willing.


  2. They will tire of us. I just hope their boredom with our overexposure doesn’t turn to hostility. Remember, trump is the backlash to Obama Enjoy it while it lasts


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