In Living Color


Image:  Dihanne Westfield, Rev. Zethelyn Johnson, (two GGs) and Moi

So, today I run into this beautiful Black woman, age 67, who now models and has long tresses of gray hair.  No, you can’t see a picture of her.  But you can picture beautiful women, young, old, all cultures, with one thing in common, hair that sparkles like the glistening of new snow – some white, most gray.  All declare to the world, “I am free to say I am fierce and gray!” I am their cheerleader, actively applauding their strength of natural style.  I call them “Gorgeous greys,”(GGs),  and  I browse the products used for their signature shine.   Then, every six weeks I run, not walk, to the pharmacy for my black hair dye – not rinse – I said dye.  What?!!

“Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair”  is an old song, and while Mr. K. would love me no matter what my hair color,  he will not be seeing my silver streaks anytime soon.  My mama was dye-hard black till age 90 when her hair turned white, and her daughter will follow suit.  I tried to let my grey grow in, but it looked like old, dirty snow, not at all like the glamourous luster of the GGs.  I will have to remain blue-black, (two bottles now), until I’m oldWait…I already am. What?!!

GGs Clockwise: Sheila Agnew, Sarah Shapiro, Janis Gipson, Gloria Lawson Sylvester


Underneath my black hair twists, I find a grey-haired life filled with so much passion and drive. that it allows me to keep up with you, to hear about your interests, and take action for or against social concerns.   I wear black beautifully, but my diva designs find me in a myriad of colors, including red for hot!  This rainbow also includes learning about cultures that differ from my own; their language, food, music, colloquialisms, and such hold my attention, and I have found that all enrich my being.  This penchant for color may lead you to think that only vibrant colors hold significance in my life.  Nope.  Pastels have their place as well.

The soft fragrance of my chosen scent, Philosophy’s Amazing Grace, and sometimes, Coconut Oil Vanilla,  my high-count cotton sheets, my all-year whites, my backdrop on walls holding paintings, and hydrangeas and peonies all make me go Ahhh.  Why the declaration?

Ecru coverlet under white

“I declare, “(as in my grandmother’s voice) “We are inside with COVID.”  We have to have something that reminds us of the truth within our soul, that which makes us transcend the trappings of mundane existence.  I continue to color my hair and throw on something red and a mask to match. (I gotta be fly for the grocery store or distanced protest).   I just bought an ecru coverlet for my bed, my Ahhh, and  I affirm I am here.  No matter how long this stay-safe assignment lasts, each moment finds me in living color!

Joy Juice

There is nothing like seeing the beauty of folks within my posse/tribe/soul-family.  You are creatively designed and fierce – living color, thank God!  We are safe within our awareness of each daily blessing.  You are mine.

“It’s all love/good/God.” – Victorine

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“…the book title and its content are intended to be a whisper, reminding us that by taking the time to connect with our spiritual self, we can center through anything and that we are forever within the bubble of God’s protection.”


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3 Replies to “In Living Color”

  1. Girrrrl. Lets’ not start with the hair color thing. I’m not sayingI know anout it, but you know, i’m jess sayin.
    The women you displayed are beautiful, starting with their glorious crowns. However, maybe not black (cause can’t rock it like you), I’m in livin color with you.
    Thanks for the smile


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