Ah choo!!

I know we got this 6-foot rule for standing clear of any action that can alert the dreaded Coronavirus, but I never have liked sneezing.  You can catch a cough with your bent elbow, but a sneeze will sneak up on you.  A sneeze can express itself in several ways:

  1. You talkin’ with your friends in a deep “Who did it,” when all of a sudden, you sneeze. You can’t be fast enough for the crevice your arm..”Yew!!” You apologize immediately, and your friends, say, “God bless you.”  But they got this little sneer on their faces, like “Yew!” You use your napkin or anything you can get your hands on to wipe your hands and nose, and off to the bathroom, you go to finish the task.  Then, you do the walk of shame back to the conversation.  You have become the “Who” they been talkin’ about.   And even though they don’t ask, you feel compelled to explain your sneeze.
  2. Then, you got your allergy sneeze and this one comes with a gang.  One “Ah” starts…you try to hold it back, but then, “choo!” follows.  Then the gang piles up on it, “Ah-choo, choo, choo,”  until it almost knocks you off your feet.  This sneeze does not play, and you can’t even bless it away.  Since you had time to “Ah” you moved away from your friends, and you don’t get a “Yew,” you get an “Awww.” 
  3. The aftermath:  And then there are either one of these sneezes that commands a mighty nose-blow.  Why do some folks have to blow their nose at the table?  You already sneezed and you been “Yewed,” why make it worse, unbearable.  All you gotta d,o is excuse yourself and take care of your business, but not at the table…over my food!!!!!! What?!!!

I battle allergies, so I sneeze as much as the rest of y’all, but a little etiquette is in order and all blessings are appreciated.

Now, about this virusall virusesno virus, we got to be vigilant, y’all.  We are in the demographic to have to deal with this stuff.  Cough, sneeze, or looking at a “Yew,” wash your hands.  And while doing so, don’t be singing the traditional Happy Birthday, go Stevie Wonder on it…until you get to Haaaappee Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday.  If you cough or sneeze, do your best to find your elbow and back that thang up if you can; you don’t want to infect anyone with your germs.  Don’t play.  Cancel trips and choir rehearsals if you have to.  And about being up in the club…wellll, y‘all already know, and I know who you are.  What?!!

Joy Juice

Whatever we do, we gotta look out for each other.  The Universe has called us to do this. Here we are, in a place where everyone is invited to the Partynot red, not blue – you.

“It’s all good/God/Love” – Victorine

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5 Replies to “Ah choo!!”

  1. I feel you. Allergies and Covid- 19 will have everyone giving me the stinky eye , also.
    Scrub a dub and no fist bumps. Love you from round the corner , Sugar. ❤️


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