Yes, I have to go here.  Why?  ‘Cause I just received this vibrant image of me, and I don’t get it.  Everyone says, “Vic, you are so photogenic,” they say, “Vic, you never take a bad picture.”  Such wonderful compliments, until I look at this lovely image.  I mean, look at it!

Scroll down up

Scroll up…

There it is!!!  Why is it that on this beautiful picture my head looks like a watermelon, no, a tomato?  My cheeks are so chubby.  Surely, the camera lies.  What?!

I am so outdone!  I feel cameras should just automatically slim you down, prop you up, smooth you out, and their settings should remain in personal perfect focus.  Holla, if you hear me.  Are you telling me that I have something to do with the image reflected by my appearance?  I keep smiling a different way to change my face.  I lean back or obscure my body with someone else in the picture.  I do everything I can, but aside from photoshopping, that doggone camera says, “Uh uh, Sister, this is what I see.”

I remember my mother used to look in the mirror and sigh, discouraged by how she looked at age 90.  I was like, “Amon, you look beautiful,” but her eyes could not see what I saw.  Her ‘beauty’ was marred by the wrinkles in her neck.  Now, I understand.  I know that I will not turn back the hands of time, but I can Age Gracefully. (Thank you, Susan Peters.  Y’all read this later).

Amon, at age 90. I got good genes…ain’t no excuse!

I’m OK, but I gotta do some good camera stuff.  I mean every now and then, I walk, exercise the little I know about Qi gong and yoga, and I may even do Turbo Jam to stay in shape; that’s just what I do…stay in this shape. (I sure ain’t losin’ no weight this way).  I also try to lift my face with moisturizing, and I welcome a good massage and facial.

Here’s the dealio; it takes practice to stay/look healthy.  It takes moisturizing, exercising, and getting out and about. Charity volunteering doesn’t hurt, and  Dr. Oz says the way to live longer and healthier is to have sex.  What?!!

I don’t like it, (everything but the sex).  I feel I deserve to be beautiful without having to do anything but smile for the camera.  Unfortunately, y’all, the camera(s) don’t lie.

Joy Juice

The bottom line is we gotta use it or lose it.  Thank God, we have a choice. ” Every day in every way we are getting better and better,” an age-old affirmation that rings with Truth.  Now, smile!

“It’s all good/God/Love” – Victorine

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Victorine.   Both photos and featured photo of Lois Crabtree and Lisa Austin and I, by Millicent Garland


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