Beat it!

I must admit that when I crawl out of bed and look in the mirror I do not see the face I wish to see.  Sometimes there are tracks on my face from one of the many pillows I have to prop up my bad arm.  My face finds one and I am left with an imprint.  But where did those bags come from?  Could they be from the water I did not drink during the day?  My eyes look like a “Before” picture.  I have an early morning appointment, so I have no choice.  I have to beat my faceWhat?!!

For those of you not familiar with the vernacular, beating one’s face means to apply a copious amount of makeup. Ha!  See, stars have artists that apply their makeup, and they may wear plenty but have a natural look.  Me?   I  watched YouTube videos; they show you how to apply concealer to hide circles and the dreaded bags under eyes.  They got about 15,000 products they apply.  I’m like, “I got this concealer crayon and a sponge that will do the trick.”  Done.  Why do I look like a zombie from Thriller?  A little powder will cover my flaws.  Done. And now, I would like the casting number for Night of the Living Dead.

See, my problem is I have this green undertone, so no matter what kind of foundation I use, it just doesn’t work.  While in the house, I’m fine.  But let the sun hit my face, I transform into a shade unknown to the color spectrum.  It’s not easy being green.  However, one thing you can always count on from me is my signature blush, as though a dark-skinned sister could turn red.  But I don’t care!  Ever since I saw this cool girl with a big brush applying blush, I knew it was for me.  Now, the powder may not work for the track marks, but I’m gon’ blush for y’all.  It enhances my smile.  What?!!

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Makeup is nothing new to our culture.  We have always beaten our faces with skill and mastery, even when there was no makeup for us.  I can remember when I went to Carson Pirie Scott in Chicago to see a makeup artist apply Flori Roberts products to a Black woman’s face.  The audience of Black women stood in awe and wonder.  We were no longer relegated to our one shade, “Pancake.”  We had a myriad of colors to choose from.  Today, there are a number of brands that stand on the history of our cosmetic pioneers and also on the shoulders of African sisters who historically adorned their faces with significant paint.

So now we got these glam squads in every gender with makeup so thick till you can’t imagine what’s underneath the paint. Sometimes the paint is needed to cover conditions and scars unintended by nature.  It is important to note that all women are beautiful, makeup or not, wrinkles and all,  but when the morning light hits this woman’s face, the beating begins. Oh.  And I always apply lipstick. (See it on my teeth)?


Joy Juice

We are brilliant in our hues of beauty.  Period.

“It’s all good/God/love” – Victorine

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