Oh yeah, I got ’em. I got “Stop and frisk” blues; “You only been a mayor and don’t know Black folks, much less, reparations” blues; “I did my job, but prosecuted a Black teenager” blues; “My foot stays in my Old School mouth” blues; “I’m calling for an overhaul of the government that may cause #45 to retain his office because folks don’t know what socialism is” blues, and “I’m a great candidate, I’m barely hanging on, but I got plans, and I support reparations,” blues. What?!!

All I know is that I am a conscious Senior looking to live in a society that is inclusive and tolerant; one that reforms the criminal justice system.  Them assault weapons gotta go and gun purchase requirements have to grow. I want my Medicare, Social Security, healthcare for all and a way for immigrants to enter this melting pot and stay without an arduous course to citizenship. We need them! Help folks with food and housing, but don’t keep them tethered – promote independence with education, jobs, and reparations – if not in cash then in scholarship, and loan forgiveness. (‘Couldn’t get no loans for the longest. )  Raise that minimum wage so folks can live on an 8 hour day.  Everybody gotta pay taxes and folks can pray or not pray in their own tradition, but not in public schools.  I want judges that can be non-partisan, fair, and judicial and freedom for a woman to have the right to choose what is best for her life. 

I want utopia, damn it!  We built this country and died for freedom still unattained. We got a right to a voice and, I feel, an obligation to vote what we want.  And while I am still woefully perplexed about what/who to do for the Primary, one thing I know is that for this election that holds this country in its balance my blood runs blue.

#voteblue. #Blacklivesmatter #reparations #nofacism #freedomofchoice  #healthcareforall #youngfolkvote

Joy Juice

It ain’t been long, but we now have the right to vote.  We consult Spirit and Ancestors and we cast our ballots.  Ashe’

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4 Replies to “Blues”

  1. Vicki, these candidates are flawed. I have misgivings, yet I know we must rise up in numbers and make demands while they are still candidates. The kinds of demands that must be documented so that once the dust settles, they don’t get instant amnesia. The BLUE Wave has to hold for the 2020 election; democracy is on life supports and the alternative is not palatable. So, let’s fight with our voices, our money, and especially with our votes.

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