GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE: Attitude for Work by Dr. Robert V. Gerard

There is a significant difference between the notions of work and that of a job. The job is a conditional physical endeavor, while work serves as a behavior. 

Jobs come and go. They can be enjoyable or be devastating. Jobs are linear tasks that have a beginning and an end. Therefore, a job has conditional characteristics. The better your talents fit into the job, the more enjoyable, though most jobs have restrictions and limitations that generate anxiety for the person assigned.

The attitude for Work promulgates a behavioral quality and bases itself beyond the job. Work has many disciplines, two of which are devotion and dedication. These virtues hold the human mind in peace as the work’s focus only mirrors how we participate and evolve in the Universe. Thus, Work as a behavior becomes a critical component of the human body and enhances Self-Mastery.

We know that behavior has its roots in a belief that is further defined by values and attitudes. Most people care less about the difference as long as they get paid, but work has a deeper and more fulfilling meaning for a few. “I love my work but hate my job” reflects disenchantment. A medical internist working seventy hours per week in a hospital with insufficient pay provides a good example. The realities of the job are strenuous and tiresome, but the learning and knowledge gained are magnificent. 

The attitude for Work finds its spiritual roots throughout the Bible. In Genesis, God worked as He created the world. Therefore, in His Image and Likeness, when we Work, are we not resembling Him? Work, thus, becomes a viable attribute for human existence. Therefore, the Work for building a divine Humanity can be an aspect of our destiny.

Colossians 3:23-24 says: “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward and that the Master you are serving is Christ.” 

There is an interconnectedness between work and spirituality. One can infer that regardless of the tasks of the work before you, the process of working is a creative pursuit and integrates with Universal Energies. It honors the Work being performed, which hinges on personal satisfaction, self-motivation, and sound reflections. 

My father had a job as a barber in New York City. And every day that he went to work, he brought life to the job. That’s what elementary school teachers do. Their teacher job is only a paycheck monitoring scheme. Their love and devotion to teaching children define the appetite to perform, share, and Self-Master. 

Most career and professional people don’t have jobs; they have work to do. Work rarely ceases when being a scientist, musician, artist, or author. Work becomes endless. Deep-rooted. Inspiring. Work eventually becomes an expression of humankind’s quest for harmonious interaction. 

On the other hand, I have a friend who hates his job, works minimally as possible, and complains often. He doesn’t allow himself to see goodness and beauty in the job as it dominates his attitude. But maybe someday, he’ll realize it’s not the job that lacks, but that he needs to improve his attitude to convert the job into a loving work environment. No job is too small to belittle the power of a good attitude.

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GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE – Thanks for Listening: William Leroy Kennedy at Work

A licensed home builder, my dad started my work career at ten cents per hour for construction site clean-up. In addition to my work, I made things from leftover materials. A king’s throne was my most memorable creation, smile. By the time that I finished high school, I was up to one dollar per hour. My other hustle was washing dishes and helping to clean at Jack’s Chicken Shack, my aunt and uncle’s cafe in Sheffield, AL.

A friend, Robert Charles Jones, got us odds jobs working for white people. Cleaning up after the rodeo was our coolest gig because we’d never dreamed of seeing a rodeo.

I finished Prairie View A&M College (now University) with a BS in Architectural Engineering in 1968. Immediately, I went to work for The Boeing Company as a Ground Systems Engineer. During the static testing of the S1C Booster, the first stage of the Saturn Moon Rocket in Bay St. Louis, MS. It was a mechanical engineering job, so as the first Black Boeing engineer on the site, I had to learn quickly on the job.

Through observation and asking way too many questions, I managed to get a seventeen percent raise my first year with the company, and my boss’s boss apologized because they could not give me a better raise. I believe my super strong work ethic and my “owner” rather than “employee” attitude likely caused my pay increase.

My dad taught me that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well. So he assigned one finish carpenter/cabinet maker to ensure that every “John Kennedy” construction project was fully and properly finished. 

The first three companies that I worked for after college placed me in their fast-track employee programs. Interestingly they did not let me know my status until I resigned from the job. You could say I was a “company man” because of my gung ho get-the-job-done attitude. One repeated negative thing happened throughout my career; they blamed me for negative actions when on-the-job group discussions happened.

My community work in civil/human rights ended up positively impacting my career. After being discriminated against at a local motel when we moved to Clearwater, FL, in 1972, it awakened a desire to fight for fair treatment.

What I did not know would be a career-changing event started with letting the personnel department at Honeywell Aerospace, St. Petersburg, FL, know that I was to attend a career weekend in Dallas, TX. The company y was sending hiring recruiters. I explained that my reason for going was to see old college friends and that if I saw worthy candidates, I would refer them to the company.

I ended up recommending two attendees and Honeywell ended up hiring both of them. Within a month, the personnel manager pulled me out of an offsite Kenner Trago Decision Making workshop and offered me the Equal Employment Manager’s Job. So, I went from being a second-level engineer to a second-level manager with a five thousand dollar raise.

The very first thing I did was to read the Federal Government Equal Employment and Affirmative Action law. All the law required was for federal contractors to make “a good faith effort toward improvements.” What in the hell is “a good faith effort”? So, I made my program about “Doing The Right Thing.” Within months federal compliance agencies and the EEOC advised other contractors to seek out what was happening at Honeywell Aerospace, St. Petersburg, FL.

A big part of the EEO/AA work was coaching individuals to succeed in their ever-improving levels of responsibility. Being discrete also was critical because I knew every employee’s pay rate, including the plant manager. Learning the nuances of management and how to gain the best advantages for “affected class” individuals was tricky but fun.

While it seemed like a glamorous job from the outside, it was nerve-racking because you were always doing more than management wanted and less than what affected class people wanted or expected. It required a significant amount of creativity. For example, to raise glass ceilings, we hired Blacks and women above the existing ceilings. Yet, this was never announced or pointed out.

Now and then, I run across individuals who may have benefitted from my work ethic and due diligence, and they will thank me for a job well done; that’s about as good as it can get!

Thanks for listening!

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William Leroy Kennedy

William Leroy Kennedy

Former Financial Services Professional at Kennedy Group, Ltd. – Financial/Motivation

Studied ‎‏‎Architectural Engineering‎‏‎ at Prairie View A&M University “Giving a strong recommendation: Khan Academy for educational success”


Do you work, or do you have a purpose? For many, work equals identity. For others, it’s a means to an end, whether it be money to provide for the necessities of life, and still, others see it as a banner uplifting their ego/status, the ultimate success in life. And yet others clamor for the security of knowing there is a place to go every day that won’t take them to a street corner begging for other people’s mercy.

We struggle every day to prosper in jobs that most of us don’t even like. But what if our work had a purpose—a real and lasting outcome? Even if we widen our lens just a little at a time, we can begin to see how putting the lugs into that tire on the conveyor belt will eventually lead to 1) that tire and three others added to a car that would 2) allow a mother to drive her daughter safely to school so that one day 3) she could become a doctor and 4) save a life, yours, her mother’s, or some stranger.

Work as your identity will eventually fail you when you lose that job. Who are you if you’re not a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker? That money will not warm you or comfort you as you sleep alone every night. What good is status if you have no one with which to share your success? And most of all, will that work continue; will you leave a legacy, or will you be forgotten 10 minutes after your body goes cold?

Work with a purpose can change your outlook on life and change the landscape of life. For example, a carpenter once had a singular purpose: to proclaim love to the world by the way he lived his life and by the way he gave his life. He knew his purpose from the very beginning. He only worked three short years, which means he had to put all his passion into his work. Nevertheless, he had an outline for performing his work, and despite all the suffering he endured, he loved his work. That is the crux of the matter – with purpose comes love, with purpose comes a clear-cut path to achievement, and with love comes satisfaction when that purpose is fulfilled. And at the end of your career (if it does indeed end), you can state as the carpenter said, “It is finished.”

If you find your purpose, you will find your work.

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Laree Alllston

As a writer / proofreader, I have experience in a diverse range of writing and editorial functions. I’ve also taught elementary school and adults and possess some training experience. Recently, I have finally fully embraced my writing talent and moved myself outside my comfort zone in many areas, including creating a website for a friend’s business. This Fall, I hope to publish my first book and introduce a blog of my Christian thoughts in the new millennium


We did not take part in any of the videos, but Cecil Bernard has been a cherished friend and artistic presence in the homes of our family. He has also been a favorite of artists featured in Garden Spices Magazine.

In this issue, we feature Cecil Bernard in several of the videos created to explore his artwork.

This video expresses how many of his clients feel about Cecil Bernard’s artwork. his passion.

CECIL BERNARD: ART MY PASSION, Producer/Director Cathy Irby Durant

Disclaimer: Please note that no copyright infringement is intended.

The next two films capture Cecil Bernard working and a display of his creation.

To catch Cecil Bernard’s daily videos, request becoming a Friend on Facebook. To shop with or to contact Cecil Bernard, visit his website.

Featured image: “For Bob”


      Photo Harvesting Tea Leaves by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

What is your favorite thing to do besides reading the latest issue of Garden Spices magazine?

Is it watching movies or serial programming on a streaming platform? Enjoying street tacos at your favorite food truck or your favorite coffee or tea beverage at your favorite coffee or tea shop? These days, as we strain to see the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, getting together with family and friends we haven’t seen in 18 months is a cautious joy.  

Just what does it take to make our favorite thing available to us? How many of us think about all the things that have to happen for us to enjoy our favorite things? Almost none. 

How do I know that? The cacophony and even panic exploded when an ingredient or product was unavailable, or a service was interrupted. There are tons of examples of this, but my favorite is the saga of a popular iced tea beverage.   

The peach syrup used by a certain coffee shop chain to make a popular iced tea drink was suddenly and inexplicably unavailable. No one asked why. After visiting several locations, folks got angry and declared they were never returning to the popular coffee chain again. “How dare they be out of peach syrup. I come in here every day to treat myself and chill with my favorite iced tea with a name too long to remember.” The story made headlines – a little extreme over some iced tea. (I made my own and enjoyed it even more because it didn’t cost me $5 bucks. The box of peach tea bags didn’t cost $5 bucks; I added fruit, peaches in fact, and a dash of organic lemonade and made pitchers of the stuff. 

But I digress)

The point being, to have peach syrup to make the favorite iced tea beverage, peaches had to be grown, harvested, processed, and after adding pounds of sugar and who knows how many gallons of water, bottled (with labels), shipped, delivered, and stored waiting for you to come in an order said beverage, well…  

To produce one 20-ounce cup of this favorite beverage takes an incredible amount of time, effort, and creativity, otherwise known as work. That’s right; The shortcode for time and energy expended to produce a product or result is work. However, unless we are involved in making a thing, we seldom understand or even care about what has to happen in advance of our using or enjoying it.   

This brings me to my next point.

Honor the work of others, especially if it’s work you can’t or don’t want to do.  

During my tenure as an advertising executive, I had the experience of visiting a chicken processing plant. There is nothing about visiting a chicken processing plant that is pleasant. Nothing! The smell is horrific and memorable. Yet people were diligently working, observing health and safety protocols, and earning minimum wage at best. Most, if not all, of the line workers, were immigrants. There were no lines of people outside begging for jobs. (Every time I hear the vitriol about immigrants taking jobs, I think about that plant and so many others like it and wonder what are they talking about. The jobs immigrants are performing are the jobs that nobody wants, not even the people who own the companies.)  

While writing this piece, there is a major story about the critical shortage of nurses and the peril that this shortage poses for everyone. There is a vital shortage because nursing professionals at all levels are highly undervalued and underappreciated while simultaneously being stretched beyond capacity. Not sure where that formula works out favorably for anyone. The second most common situation I coach clients around is feeling undervalued and not being heard. This situation is a by-product of their work – their life- not being valued or honored.

So, the next time there is disruption of your enjoyment of your favorite thing, take a few seconds to think beyond your inconvenience and then use that great imagination of yours to figure out something else to do. It’s not hard. It just requires a little work.

Until next time,

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Deborah Gray Young

Deborah is an ICF accredited coach working primarily with professional women of color to help them better manage their personal and professional brands to achieve their next levels of success. She is also the author of three books .

GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE HEALTH AND WELLNESS – New Directions: Energy Medicine – What the Heck is That?

by Linda Isbell

Quite a while ago, I started on a journey of self-discovery related to my health and well-being.   It all started when I was trying to convince my husband I was “really trying” to quit smoking.  (I was but pretty half-heartedly).  “See,” I said to him, “I’m so serious about this I am willing even to try this hypnosis thing.”  There was an ad in the paper about a group hypnosis session at the local Marriott, and I signed up, never really believing that something like that would work. Well, much to my surprise, it did!I quit smoking without withdrawal issues, overeating to compensate, weight gain, and just plain general bitchiness that so many experiences when quitting.   So, I got really interested, which led to certifications in Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Quantum Touch, Eden Energy Medicine.  These topics had one thing in common – the ability to affect our own healing, whether it be physical, psychological, or spiritual.

Today, I will focus on Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), explain a little about it, and then give you one technique you will be able to put in your own tool kit. As practiced by Eden Energy practitioners, Energy Medicine is both a complement to other approaches to medical care and a complete system of self-care and self-help.

EEM uses techniques from other healing traditions such as acupuncture, kinesiology, qi gong, and yoga to accomplish healing. Donna Eden, the founder of EEM, teaches about nine energy systems in and around the body. These systems can restore energy flow, balance, and harmony by tapping, massaging, lightly pinching, twisting, holding, or connecting specific energy points on the skin; moving the hand (which acts as a magnet) over the skin along specific energy pathways, and focused attention to move specific energies with your mind to surround an area with healing energy.

By learning simple energy techniques to keep your energies moving and balanced, you can improve your health and increase your vitality. In addition, EEM can be used to relieve pain, stimulate the immune system, release stress, and so much more. 

Now to give you one small but effective way to release stress or emotional overwhelm.  You can use this to release an old emotional stress from your memory or current stress that you might be experiencing.  When you are in a stress response, your body usually goes into three modes – fight, flight, or freeze.  All of these modes have one thing in common – they move the blood, energy, oxygen, and cerebrospinal fluid away from the head and into the body to deal with the “danger.”  By simply holding your palm to your forehead for several minutes – blood, energy, oxygen, and cerebrospinal fluid move back into your head which brings you out of emotional overwhelm.  So, you can shift a subjective response to an old stress memory or relieve a current response on the spot.

Finally, a caveat. Energy healing should not be construed as a substitute for needed medical attention.  EEM practitioners do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for medical conditions. Instead, energy healing brings about physical improvements by impacting the electromagnetic fields that regulate the body as well as by shifting the more subtle energies described in other cultures with terms such as chakras, meridians, and etheric fields.

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Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

Linda Isbell is from St. Louis, Mo – Currently Living in Florence, AL . College – Saint Louis University – Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a double major in Psychology and Communications.  Currently Retired with a work background for two major corporations in administrative management and personal coaching using multiple disciplines to enact personal change.   Selectively working with clientele using multiple certifications in disciplines that facilitate positive change either physically, mentally or spiritually or a combination thereof. Can be contacted at


Our contributors generously submit content for Garden Spices, but they are book authors and have their own publications. Let’s celebrate reading!



Detectives Joi Sommers and her partner Russell Wilkerson speed to the Ingalls Hospital ER and are disgusted to find the strangled body of Tamiko Triplett, preteen lying on the gurney, the tattoo of a dragon, and a pimp’s initials on her inner thigh. What kind of monster would ravage and discard the fragile beauty with exotic eyes like debris? Enraged, the detectives commit to bringing her murderer to justice, on or off the clock. This quest leads the pair into the dark world of sex trafficking flourishing clandestinely in the surrounding south suburban enclaves. Consumed with this case, the recently widowed Russell relapses into alcohol addiction and while struggling to conceal his drinking from his partner and family, his reckless neglect leaves those he loves most vulnerable to dangers lurking unobserved and undetected.

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What’s really going on over at The Cathedral? Charismatic Pastor Reese Thompkins had transformed a struggling congregation in Central Illinois into a megachurch. When Pastor’s not preaching and teaching, he’s singing and producing music with an internationally recognized Gospel Choir that’s been nominated for a Stellar Award. And by his side is his beautiful wife, Sister Kamilah, renowned children’s author and artist. To the Christian Community, the power couple is a sterling example of marital harmony and evangelists that can change lives through the mighty Word of God. Behavioral Psychologist Dr. Annorah Sherman, can’t believe anyone is naïve enough to buy this fairy tale. How did Pastor Reese show up straight out of Bermuda and create this liberal-leaning oasis? What secrets lurk behind the doors of The Cathedral? The International Truth Institute has bankrolled her investigation of Pastor Reese. Her revelations will propel her to the top of a media empire.

For purchase information and more, see Live the Dream Publishers

Love And Healing is a guidebook intended to relieve emotional suffering. Russell Clayton introduces “Inner Restorative Healing” as a proven method of accessing and practicing the ancient ways of sensory therapy. The activation of earth’s energy and power gets delivered to the emotional self and is intended to ignite a positive shift in your overall wellness. Love And Healing is an inner journey of reprogramming your subconscious and harnessing the healing power of love. Love is changeful, it’s the most powerful agent of change in existence. These cultivated selections of self-healing methods assist you into alignment with your higher self, deepen your connection to your sacred heart, improve your ability to deliberately manifest, and help hardwire your access to the greater you. The methods you’ll be learning come from a combination of ancient healing techniques, philosophies, exercises, and New Age wisdom. Use this intuitive guidebook to choose your own combination of healing methods. Start moving through life in a bold new way!

Physician, surgeon, author, poet, and spiritual teacher, Dr. Russell Clayton was born in Chicago, Illinois. His passion for sharing his perspective on love and life has helped countless people worldwide. Dr. Clayton’s first book, The Greater You, focused on the inner journey. Love And Healing focus on spiritual restoration, emotional healing, and alignment with love. His 35-year medical career and extensive healing experience is wrapped up here together, in words, as a gift for all of us to explore and experience

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 I shifted a lifetime of feeling unworthy, of feeling less than others, of feeling like I was an imposition to all around me and most times just invisible into a life I love living, a life full of new adventures. I shifted from multiple emotionally and physically abusive relationships, including having a knife held to my throat and dared to speak, into enjoying things daily, to having a constant stream of gratefuls, to a house full of things I love, to incredible international trips to luxury all-inclusive resorts. Wow. The universe is full of unlimited possibilities.

How did I shift? And how can you shift? By knowing you’re vibrational and that your life is a vibrational choice. And it belongs to only you!! How we interact with the world around us creates our experiences and each one of us holds the complete and total power to create the experiences we desire. Let me share a glimpse of my chaotic destruction as I was changing my vibrational focus by implementing shifts in my vibrational field. 

Check my mini e-book Vibrational Badassery: The Beginner’s Guide, launching September 2021 where I will dive into what your vibrational field is, how and where it flows and how you can harness the infinite power of your vibrational flow to align with the life you desire.

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M.LaRae, M.Sc.


My First Love

Reminiscing those happy days while stationed in Southern Japan, and my beautiful Kaeko-san.
She’ll be 86 now. Both of our lives were shadowed by bloody wars. She was 11 years old when WW2 began; and I, a 17 year old teenager who volunteered for combat during the Korean war (1950/51)

She was 17 and I, 19 when we met in southern Japan, where I was finishing the last 2 plus years of my enlistment as a paratrooper in an airborne unit, 8081st Airborne Company of the 187th Airborne based in Ashiya-machi’s Airbase…

We were survivors, of brutal conventional wars, I, a combat infantryman and she, a young schoolgirl.

I remember you Kaeko, for your love, help and understanding as the two of us recuperated from the horrors of war. I remembered you in my heart and memories forever and regardless.

P.S. Some of our best well-kept secrets

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GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE ART Dorothy Small-Spaulding: Why Not Paint!

The featured image is a card sent to me and created by my longtime friend, Dorothy. It sits on my family room shelf as artwork and inspiration. I’ve known Dorothy Small-Spaulding for over 40 years. We met in Cleveland, OH, my first friend there. With bright eyes, wearing a generous amount of turquoise jewelry, and a warm invitation to eat lunch at the Art Museum, Dorothy steered me to the artistic side of Cleveland and was part of my tribe. Dorothy introduced me to the art of making jewelry, to Sun Ra, and to Coventry, the neighborhood where all cool things thrived.

We both left Cleveland, and thirty years later, I caught up with Dorothy. It was no surprise to find her living in California and to learn that she had near ’bout traveled the world.

My card from Dorothy

I resumed my relationship with Dorothy by phone and briefly visited her airy condo in Camereo, CA. To my surprise, there were paintings, watercolors created by Dorothy. There you have it; whatever her creative interest, Dorothy finds a way to put her fingers into it.

Today, Dorothy resides with her husband, Bernard, in Palm Springs, CA. Initially a hobby, her work now exhibits at her clubhouse gallery. I asked her to let Garden Spices exhibit some of her work as an inspiration to ignite us to be brave enough to delve into painting/our passion. – Victorine

About the Artist

Dorothy is a visual artist, who has always had a great appreciation of the arts.  She worked for years in the cultural area, by the Cleveland Museum of Art in Ohio.  Dorothy started with jewelry making and painting wearable art.  She fell in love with watercolors after taking classes at the Hillcrest Center for the Arts, in Thousand Oaks, CA. 

“Painting with watercolors has become my passion.” Dorothy Small-Spaulding

“Artist of the month at our clubhouse”
Dorothy Small-Spaulding

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Vicki Goldston (Victorine)

CEO, Camp Goldston Publising, LLC, Founder, Editor-in-Chief of Garden Spices Magazine and Spicy…a garden spices blog by Victorine

“Everything’s Bigger in Texas!”

Texas Stars

Yep! We were rolling into Corsicana, TX, and we had ranches with big land rolling right with us. We were on our way to visit Mr. K.’s sister, Glenda Williams, their Aunt Gladys, and Marvin Mitchell at their G&M Ranch. Slick Vick “Home, home on the range.What?!!

We were pleased to meet their beautiful house with the famous Texas star on the front doors. This spacious “ranch” is elegantly appointed with an open design, a welcoming veranda, deck, pool, and outdoor kitchen. Beyond their home, are the 50 heads of Black Angus cattle on 54 acres of land, and we cannot forget Lily, the Dalmation they inherited from the previous owners of the property.

Almost as soon as we got to Corsicana, the sky fell open and the rain began, lasting for 5 days — five days of waking up to my meditation and prayer on the front porch, walking to the cattle (only to have the cows back away from me). Lily running up to me for a hug and keeping me company for a while, before scampering away. That’s Lily, such a sweet dog.

House: Front, Back veranda, and Outdoor kitchen with poo
Living room, opening to kitchen, which opens to the dining area.
Beauty in black and Lily

As you might imagine, the daily maintenance of the ranch had Mitch mowing, gardening, and overseeing the workers contracted by Glenda. Of course, as a contractor’s daughter, Glenda would be right with Mitch for the construction jobs, and the inside was her domain. Mitch took us out on the cart (his mule), to see the vastness of the land, the ponds, the cows, and where the hay will be stored. That barn had plenty of equipment for working the ranch, and the garden was growing beautifully.

We had lazy days with Glenda’s good cooking and watching Mitch and Glenda shape their ranch into their own. I loved spending time with Aunt Gladys.

Corsicana is a small town, but you know we found our way to an upscale restaurant downtown. It was my birthday, and we celebrated royally at Across the Street Bistro. Why did they have Chilean Sea Bass? I was in heaven. Mr. K. ordered a slice of luscious Lemon Cake, which was to die for, and I had 1,2,3 bites of it.

Mr. K. reclining in the She-shed chair

Then, there was the famous chair. While the rest of the family gathered to watch TV, I would go exercise to a video, and then, the piece de resistance, “the chair.” Glenda’s she-shed chair held me captive almost every night. So relaxing, it was like a cocoon.

Thanks to our hosts, this visit was wonderful, but when the rain let up, Mr. K. and I said our “Thank yous” and “Goodbyes” and scurried to beat the rain to our next destination, Prairie View, Texas, home of Prairie View A & M University, Mr. K’s alma mater and a visit with Aunt Irma, a fascinating woman.

Stay tuned!!

Joy Juice

The open range is beautiful, another expression of the Creator’s beauty. I don’t know if I could live in this particular kind of splendor, (It took me a minute to relax and do nothing), but I prescribe the experience for everyone.

“It’s all good/love/God” – Victorine

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Author of  Be S.A.F.E., StillAware, Faithful, Excellent, now available on Kindle Amazon as an e-book.

“…the book title and its content are intended to be a whisper, reminding us that by taking the time to connect with our spiritual self, we can center through anything and that we are forever within the bubble of God’s protection.”

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