Kill Bill!

Once upon a time, there was a young mother activist whose Black child attended a charter school where he was one of two Black children in his sixth-grade class. The school invited the mother to do a Black History presentation, and she chose to tell the children about the Children’s Crusade, which took place in Birmingham, AL. She told them about the atrocities taking place during the Civil Rights Movement and about how these Black children elected to stand for the movement.

She told how they walked out of their school and protested for voting/civil rights on the streets of Birmingham; how the Birmingham police met them with dogs and hoses. She told how they went to jail and how some of the young girls were sequestered in jail, unable to call their parents to tell them where they were.

The students were stunned, aghast at what they heard – the history of the
fight for racial justice in the state of AL. Their response? Did they hang their heads in shame? No. Instead, they wanted to assemble like the Children’s Crusade and join the fight for justice!

In real-time, the mother’s visit was after the George Floyd murder and
amidst a protest to take down a Confederate monument in their city. After
hearing the story, the brilliant children could not be complacent in their
thoughts. They were awakened, “woke.” Some had already been a part of
the protest. In my opinion, herein is where the problem of the controversial
concept of Critical Race Theory arises. The legislators of AL do not intend to
awaken their children.

Today, activist coalitions at the Statehouse of AL fight the ban on teaching history in AL schools. They are the grand and great-grandchildren of the Children’s Crusade movement and the Freedom Riders. They speak in the AL sessions about how “lawmakers” do not trust the educators of AL enough to allow them to teach true American history and to enable their students to debate. The activists argue how our state is falling victim to what befalls our country, the dumbing down of America. They speak and protest to kill the bills banning the teaching of history, particularly Black history.

What can we do? This mother feels that the least we can do is learn why the scholars of Harvard created Critical Race Theory. We can support young organizations and activists who take action to heal our nations. Here’s a link and a quote:

“In essence, Critical Race theorists seek to explain why liberal legal formalism centered on the idea of “color-blind” justice is dead. Yet, more than simply deconstructing the myth of blind justice, they post the more crucial question: Does law have the capacity to resolve the social condition of inequality impacting America’s dispossessed groups by race, class, and gender.” Black
Past gives the full skivvy on what happened in the recent attempt to kill the bill.

CRT is an intellectual theory plucked from the annals of Harvard by dumbed-down Conservatives to alarm their followers and to keep their children close. They hijack the word “woke” to scare their listeners and cast folks as unpatriotic that subscribe to its true meaning. The teaching of history is necessary to heal this nation.

This Baby Boomer mother stands with/supports the young folks.  No matter how they try to stop the youths, our woke children will rise and continue to Kill Bill(s).  What?!  Yass!!

#ALwakeup #ProjectSaySomething #ALActivistCoalitions #NashvilleJustins

Photo Credit:   Kalea Morgan on Unsplash

Joy Juice

Isaiah 54 17

[17] No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

“By any means necessary.”  Malcom X

“Keep hope alive” – Rev. Jesse L. Jackson

“It’s all good/love/God”Victorine

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