Ret’ to Go!

I just can’t understand why exactly three months here at home in Florence, AL, I’m chomping at the bit to travel. I mean, I just got back from Texas in early October. You would think I’m wasting away here in Bama., but I been busy! What?!

My holidays were great; I told you about Thanksgiving. Christmas was just as much fun, with just my immediate family, fun, oxtails, and then (you already know) sleep. December ended with a Warrior Woman Birthday party for my daughter, Camille, with a guest visit from Sugar Pearl’s Carla Renae, who is now one of my ‘daughters.’ She cooked, and we blessed, prayed, ate, danced, and celebrated Camille’s 45th; then, the next evening, Carla cooked, and the Usual Suspects, including Mr. K., celebrated her good food. Simply wonderful.

We started the year with a Kwanzaa, Watch Night, and later, my grandson Christian’s 21st Birthday. More celebration. Mr. K. and I saw and loved the films Wakanda Forever (Lift Me Up) and Avatar and made our Huntsville run for my speaking engagement at Unity and lunch with good friends. But just a week after Mr. K’s departure, here I sit, ready to travel.

Hmm…where to this year? France is on the drawing board, possibly New York and definitely Chicago, but for now? Anybody wanna go to Trader Joe’s in Huntsville? I’m ret’ to go! What?!

How about you? Where you wanna go?

The Usual Suspects celebrating Christian’s 21st Birthday

Featured Photo by Renato:

Joy Juice

My mind is filled with gratitude for the abundant blessings of my life, but at times my body feels a rumble that says, “Traveling is a part of your well-being/vortex.” Maybe the rumble can be satisfied with a trip to a neighboring city, but I do pay attention to it.

We have the gift of being aware of what keeps us vital; prayer and meditation tap us on the shoulder to remind us.

Proverbs 3:23

“Then you will go on your way in safety, and your foot will not stumble.”

Mark 16:15

“Go ye into all the world…”

African proverb

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

“It’s all good/love/God”Victorine

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