I Know Where I’ll be in ’22…

…I will be spending more time with YOU.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! You need me to affirm that we can still have joy in our lives. This relationship is reciprocal; I need you to embrace your strength and the vital force of Joi de Vivre to affect your world, which includes me. We need to know we are OK, and who can we call to keep us going? US!

I am visiting Mr. K. in Columbia, SC. We brought in the New Year together. While we were toasting, one of his loved ones got the virus, two people I know transitioned, and one is on her way to the next realm. How could we count our blessings, laughing, while so many suffer illnesses and loss? Just like you, we choose to reach out our hands to find sustenance, and we yield to the unwavering gift of gratitude.

How to be Grateful (Don’t you dare turn away; we need this).

Check-in with your body.

Me: Thank God, I’m breathing! (For this I give gratitude daily).

Me: I’m doing a body scan. Knee? What’s your problem?

Knee: I’m gon’ hurt you today unless you pay attention to me,

Me: I love you, Knee, so I am going to put you up and do the ice-heat switch, Sound Therapy, go see my Chiropractor, do Reiki, do exercises, and pray for healing. I’m grateful I got you. I’m grateful I am willing to do whatever it takes to heal you.

Knee: Suppose I don’t heal?

Me: I do what I must do with you and all body and mind parts to stay vital, including therapy, surgery – by any means necessary!

MindStimulate It

Along with reading and writing with y’all, traveling and exploring culture always stimulates my mind. In Columbia, I was all up in museums. I was bowled over by the Museum of Art; they had an exhibit of 22 Black artists whose work is shaped by their experiences in Carolina. Of course, every exhibit held my fascination.

We also visited the South Carolina State Museum, where Mr. K. introduced me to where, as. a volunteer, he ushered many visitors to the planetarium. The telescope was under repair, so Mr. K. couldn’t do his thing with me, but there was so much South Carolina history there. Some, I could’ve done without, (Confederacy), but I was surprised to see they balanced exhibits with the truth about the ravages of slavery.

Stars, quilts, and antiques. Can y’all believe these objects are now antiques?! What?!

I also play Solitaire, Word Scapes, and Word Stacks nightly, as I dance in front of the TV. What?!

Spirit – Practice Makes Perfect

Cedar and I

Do what makes your spirit soar. Connecting with friends makes me smile. Mr. K.had business in Augusta, GA, so I gave a holla’ to Cedar and Rodell. We intended to do a drive-by-we-vaxed & boosted-hug, but it turned into a great lunch, shopping, and we were still there in the evening. That’s what happens when old friends gather, spirits soar.

Personally, no matter where I am, It’s the same ole’ song for me – Yoga, QiGong, prayer, meditation – my daily routine. But whatever you do, it’s time to hold on, go within, and stay close to God or whatever you call your Higher Power. We are still convening on Zoom every Sunday, but that spiritual food sure tastes good!

I know I said you needed to hear this, but y’all already know. Whenever you breathe, just say THANK YOU; your mind, body, and spirit are affirmed each time you do.

Joy Juice

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

“Give thanks for the little and you will find a lot” Nigerian Proverb

“Be grateful for your life, every detail of it, and your face will come to shine like a sun, and everyone who sees it will be made glad and peaceful. Persist in gratitude, and you will slowly become one with the Sun of Love, and Love will shine through you its all-healing joy.” Rumi

“It’s all good/love/God” – Victorine

© 2022 Vicki Goldston, All rights reserved.


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