“Everything’s Bigger in Texas!”

Texas Stars

Yep! We were rolling into Corsicana, TX, and we had ranches with big land rolling right with us. We were on our way to visit Mr. K.’s sister, Glenda Williams, their Aunt Gladys, and Marvin Mitchell at their G&M Ranch. Slick Vick “Home, home on the range.What?!!

We were pleased to meet their beautiful house with the famous Texas star on the front doors. This spacious “ranch” is elegantly appointed with an open design, a welcoming veranda, deck, pool, and outdoor kitchen. Beyond their home, are the 50 heads of Black Angus cattle on 54 acres of land, and we cannot forget Lily, the Dalmation they inherited from the previous owners of the property.

Almost as soon as we got to Corsicana, the sky fell open and the rain began, lasting for 5 days — five days of waking up to my meditation and prayer on the front porch, walking to the cattle (only to have the cows back away from me). Lily running up to me for a hug and keeping me company for a while, before scampering away. That’s Lily, such a sweet dog.

House: Front, Back veranda, and Outdoor kitchen with poo
Living room, opening to kitchen, which opens to the dining area.
Beauty in black and Lily

As you might imagine, the daily maintenance of the ranch had Mitch mowing, gardening, and overseeing the workers contracted by Glenda. Of course, as a contractor’s daughter, Glenda would be right with Mitch for the construction jobs, and the inside was her domain. Mitch took us out on the cart (his mule), to see the vastness of the land, the ponds, the cows, and where the hay will be stored. That barn had plenty of equipment for working the ranch, and the garden was growing beautifully.

We had lazy days with Glenda’s good cooking and watching Mitch and Glenda shape their ranch into their own. I loved spending time with Aunt Gladys.

Corsicana is a small town, but you know we found our way to an upscale restaurant downtown. It was my birthday, and we celebrated royally at Across the Street Bistro. Why did they have Chilean Sea Bass? I was in heaven. Mr. K. ordered a slice of luscious Lemon Cake, which was to die for, and I had 1,2,3 bites of it.

Mr. K. reclining in the She-shed chair

Then, there was the famous chair. While the rest of the family gathered to watch TV, I would go exercise to a video, and then, the piece de resistance, “the chair.” Glenda’s she-shed chair held me captive almost every night. So relaxing, it was like a cocoon.

Thanks to our hosts, this visit was wonderful, but when the rain let up, Mr. K. and I said our “Thank yous” and “Goodbyes” and scurried to beat the rain to our next destination, Prairie View, Texas, home of Prairie View A & M University, Mr. K’s alma mater and a visit with Aunt Irma, a fascinating woman.

Stay tuned!!

Joy Juice

The open range is beautiful, another expression of the Creator’s beauty. I don’t know if I could live in this particular kind of splendor, (It took me a minute to relax and do nothing), but I prescribe the experience for everyone.

“It’s all good/love/God” – Victorine

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