Just a Reprieve…

Guess what?  Doing a travel blog is no joke.  I still got at least 4 more places to share with y’all.  This is just a breather for some Black (Little) Girl Magic sweetness. There are four little girls that have crossed my Facebook page with so much cuteness till I thought I would share their images.  Two momma and two grandmamas said I could, so meet…

Ruby Joie (French spelling) Byrd, 5 years old. She loves fashion, Barbies, nature, collecting rocks, leaves, sticks. She said when she was 4 that she wanted to be a fashion designer and model!!  She has been to Paris about 4 times and loves it!

LIVING HER BEST LIFE (wearing a tee shirt for sun protection…already burned)!!
Ruby Joie
Grandma says, “She has a very sensitive side too…loving!  By the way, she poses her way…Jennifer wasted money on a photoshoot once!!!
A little bit about Leia Rice, (from her mom).  She is very outspoken and outgoing. She loves to dance and sing, she enjoys watching the Princess & the Frog and any Disney movies that double as musicals (almost all of them lol but she can be picky too). She loves school and learning, she has been read at least one book per night since birth and now she refuses to go to bed until we’ve read something.
Leia Mitchell
She likes teaching things to others and is very protective of her baby brother, Jules. She is very hilarious, there is literally never a dull moment with her. She’s creative, she loves to draw, and has even made up a song/rap about her favorite hairstyle (I got a ponytail). 🤣
She says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She is my little feminist and activist in the making. She attended her first women’s march with me when she was about 1 year old & she’s already learning the importance of standing up for herself and others (like Jules) ❤️
Poster girl for Juneteenth, Leia loves to dance too.

Alayah Nichole Bailey is three (3) and loves clothes, baby dolls, cheerleading, and swimming.

She wants to be a doctor when she grows up and “treats” her family for injuries or ailments. Residence: Tuscumbia, AL Parents: Jonathan and Kimberly Bailey Photographer Credit for Cow and Unicorn Pics: Amberly Lynn Photography in Muscle Shoals, AL

Caleigh recently turned 10, and her mother says she has been blessed and has been a blessing to the lives of others.
…This message was about Caleigh posted on her mom’s Facebook page :
❤This young lady is truly an angel. I know I met you two when I worked at Dollar General in Killen. I was going through a very depressing, near-suicidal time. When I tell you God needed me to meet this child… Her attitude and smiles and the love for people that she exudes… She gave me hope, and I’m here today to tell it.❤
From Caleigh’s mom, “I had a picture of Caleigh on FB and she sent me the post on my page in the comments with Caleigh’s picture.  This lady didn’t even know us!  She told me how Caleigh Saved Her Life!!🤩

Featured Photo by Alex Nemo Hanse on Unsplash
Joy Juice
See all the above!

“It’s all good/love/God” – Victorine

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