Blogs, Websites and Posts, Oh My!!

I got one thing to say.  Now you already know better than that.  I have so much to say about creating and navigating sites till I had to cry my tears out loud.  First of all, did I mention I’m 70? How dare I think I could find my way through creating a website without feeling like I was walking on hot coals.  I dared; I doubled down and forged the Support, YouTubes, finding images, adding pages, customizing, and finally publishing my product.  I did this with a book, a magazine, a blog, and now, another website.  Why not hire a professional to do this “dirty” work?  I’m a Taurus, and I’m cheap frugal.  Bullish to the end.  What?!

Now that I know what to do, just contact me.  I can remember approximately the last five minutes of a process I just completed.  This stuff moves fast!  While I may not be able to walk you through your project, I’m really good at holding your hand.  I can cheer you on or validate your feelings about the page that is supposed to guide you – that page you can’t understand that may hit you with nuggets like “CSS.”  HELP!  Wait…I’m supposed to be answering your plea.

Still ain’t done!

I must admit that there are some perks offered by some web publishers.  For example, the 24/7 support allows you to bug some poor Customer Service rep endlessly.  How do you think this blog was created?  That poor WordPress rep was like, “Woman, please…don’t you understand?  We have to go over this again?”  No, not really.  You do have to pay for domain registration and extras from your publisher, and once you pay, they are at your mercy.  They have to be kind to receive a positive feedback report.  (I often wonder if I’m the worse customer they encounter in a day…surely I hope not).

All in all, I must say the gratification of completing a web project is grand.  Really, most of the time, I am in disbelief that I made it through the maze of formatting and publishing. Y’all can come along with me.  I invite you to Rant and Rave on my Camp Goldston Publishing website.  (Watch the link not work…Grrrr).  Tell me your experiences with writing or posting.  Better yet, I invite you to submit to one of my projects.  Misery/joy loves company.

Joy Juice

Yes, I’m 70, and having the time of my life doing what I love.  I travel and tell y’all about it; I get to laugh and cry with you, read your stories, and give them to the world.  I pray we all find ourselves doing what feeds our spirit.  Our souls say “Yes,”

“It’s all good/Godlove.”  – Victorine

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“…the book title and its content are intended to be a whisper, reminding us that by taking the time to connect with our spiritual self, we can center through anything and that we are forever within the bubble of God’s protection.”

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