I have never been much for waiting.  I used to feel that some folks did/could not value time, that they would go into the crevices of their psyche and conspire to make me cringe. These days in this season, I can’t afford my previous behavior while waiting. When someone is late, I no longer pace the floor or scratch a blackboard.  I no longer stand in front of the bathroom and loudly sing because it TaKEs FOreVER FoR SOmeONE To GrOOm AND GO!  No, I don’t; ‘can’t have my ‘pressure go up.  Instead, I just pick up my phone and browse all the mellie (“juicy news” in Caribbean jargon) on social media.  What?!

Awaiting a person is one thing, but let’s look at America waiting for Amerikkka to grow up and stop acting a fool. Since the inception of this country, we have been waiting.  In 2021, this baby is still a toddler with tantrums, storming the Capitol of these United States.  Why?  Just ’cause Black folks voted and their votes counted?  Child, please!

Black Lives Matter, GW Harper

We have serious growing pains.  If you didn’t know, now you understand what privilege looks like.  Riled up and supported by Baby T and his gang, big bawling terrorists climb, crawl, and walk loud and proud up in the Big House, defying, killing the law, defecating on the Capitol floor, and sitting on the desk of the Madame Pelosi.  Officer Eugene Goodman had to step up to stop Amerikkka from entering the House Chambers.

Except for several, the terrorists are alive, and unlike protesters for racial justice, no spankings,: not many are jailed.  One big baby with face paint is eating organic food in jail. Baby musn’t go hungry.  As grown folks, we have the charge to punish the petulant demagogues and anarchists.  Expel Amerikkka.  America is not its playpen. 

The adage goes that if enough time passes, good things will come.  But we don’t wait for our children to become adults; we groom them to be mindful, and if they act out, they are reprimandedAmerikkka will never learn unless we recognize and handle it now, take action now. We have been waiting too long for this shift to occur.

While we know waiting requires patience,  whatever we do, we don’t pray for it.  We will be tested over and over.  God be like, “Y’all got it?…do y’all need some more practice waiting?”  We don’t.  We’re done!

Flag roots by Ronnie Phillips

Featured photo: leeann-cline-@-unsplash

Joy Juice

We learned our lesson on waiting.  Everything is coming up that needs to come out.  Time to release this craziness to make way for the new dawn, America, not Amerikkka.

For years now, I have heard the word “Wait!” It rings in the ear of every Negro with piercing familiarity. This “Wait” has almost always meant “Never.” We must come to see, with one of our distinguished jurists, that “justice too long delayed is justice denied.” Dr. Martin Luther King  (Happy Birthday)

It’s all good/God/love – Victorine

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