…can’t dance.

The adage goes, “I might as well (do whatever the task), I can’t dance.” Oh yes, you can!  You have every right to dance “with your hair blowing back,” as my friend, Indria Perilloux says. Here we are in the midst of this shifting paradigm, most of us shut-in, due to this pandemic.  When we step out, we say hello to folks we don’t even recognize because they are all masked up and 6 feet from us.  ‘How we know who we dancing with?”  There I go, ranting Truth is, we don’t need an ensemble or a partner, we can move our feet and/or hands with great abandon in celebration of just being alive at this moment.  What?!!

A few examples come to mind.  You got folks like Dr. Felice Green.  She’s a dancing machine.  She doesn’t care if she has a partner or not.  Shoot, that’s what line dances were designed for.  We can bust a move whether or not we are looking into someone’s face.  You can’t see it anyway with a mask.  This video of Dr. Green was taken before COVID, but you get the picture:

Then, you got your groups. Now I’ve seen groups from dance schools, Senior clubs, Steppers from Greek organizations, Dance troupes, and such, but I ain’t never seen activists that like to dance like  Project Say Something, Florence, AL . Here they are at the Juneteenth celebration/rally to get a Confederate monument relocated. See if you can identify Mr. K dancing.

Of course, dancing is one of the most compelling art forms in existence and can really be therapeutic:

  • It helps you put a halt to Corona-butt.  Instead of growing, you start flowing with the music and before you know it, you’ve exercised.
  • You angry about recent events?  Put on some music, dance, and let the steam out of that stress.
  • Dancing with other folks makes you feel good, can boost your confidence.  They look as silly as you, or as Chicago smooth as you.  Dancing can break barriers of communication. You can even moan about how bad you dance while dancing.  Just keep going; your joy juice will catch up with you!
  • I remember when we used to make up steps for dances.  You don’t have to be a certified choreographer to create moves.  Express your creativity.

These dancers were in an open Buddhist temple, Bangkok, Thailand

Dancing can take us from total awe and splendor to setting “the roof, the roof, the roof…on fire.”  When I can’t break it down with my feet,  I’ll move whatever I can and dance in my head.  I’m just saying we deserve a reprieve from processing all we have been through in 2020.  Kick up your heels and dance in the holidays.

Featured image: CORE Drummers with my dancing accompanying them.

Joy Juice

Dancing can be healing and is a clear path to expressing joy.  Wanna see what dancing can do?  Watch Dance Dreams on Netflix.  After COVID distancing, go see a dance concert.  Feel the passion that dancing can ignite.

“Dance as though no one is watching.”-Mark Twain

“It’s all good/ love/God” – Victorine

© 2020 Vicki Goldston, All rights reserved.

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