Y’all look! I grew a flower – a huge “Feed me Seymour” flower.  Y’all have to understand, my thumb is anything but green.  I “Oooh” and “Ahhh” over the beautiful flowers y’all post on Faceboobook, and while my deceased husband always took care of our yards with gardens and such, the Taurus earth in me just has not kicked in until now.  I grew a flower! What?!

A little history.  I buy two hibiscus plants annually, in honor of the Caribbean in me.  The plants I would buy always had blossomed flowers and buds ready to bloom.  However this year I decided to invest in two perennial hibiscus trees, flower plants.  No flowers present, only pretty maroonish leaves and a few hopeful buds.  I bought them at the beginning of June, and by the end of June, there was nothing.  I was hand-on-hip like, “Now I know I didn’t spend my money on just leaves with no flowers.”  I decided to read up on these babies.  Googling informed that they bloom mid-summer through the fall and that coffee grinds were good for them.  I love coffee. So I shared some grinds with my plants and watered them.  Then, last week hit, mid-July, I was floored!  I grew a plant that has a fabulous flower. What?!! Let me show y’all another picture.

Stylin’ and profilin’!

About blooming, truth be told, this hibiscus was going to bloom without my help. (Ya think?!) I simply nurtured it by researching, sharing coffee, watering, and oohing/ahhing.  I gave it my energy.  I guess this is true with any creation.

The truth is that the presence of the Creator is inevitable.  These days, I have been busy talking, talking...and talking…till I’m blue in my face, (no green thumb, but a blue face), about a Confederate monument.  I have devoted energy to a movement that will take down this divisive monument to begin healing my community of white supremacy. Beyond the exposure of government, business, and personal acts of racism, I see beautiful protestors, all hues, educating our community with truthful history and inclusive ideology.  Slowly budding in numbers, so many supporters are stepping outside of their comfort zone to enable the healing process. No matter how slowly, healing will transcend the die-hard weeds that must die to self and blossom into a new consciousness.  The lessons are within the blooming.

My prize plant is now actively blooming, and within that process, the blossoms die daily to make room for new growth.  I got this, Creator – we must continue to let go of what no longer serves us to grow. I got this lesson, and I’m gone!

Look out, Pat Brewer, I’m gon’ have me some pictures like yours next year…NOT!

Patio beauties.
Lovelies everywhere
This isn’t a flower, y’all! This is Pat Brewer

Joy Juice

I haven’t seen these days since the ’60s, and I never thought I would be a decade beyond 60 protesting with young’uns, but I am letting Spirit move me, and that is all we are charged to do.  We are all lightworkers, charged through the Creator. No matter how Spirit moves us to shift, we are ready,  remember,

We desire to bequeath two things to our children; the first one is roots, the other one is wings — Sudanese

“It’s all good/love/God”Victorine

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3 Replies to “Blooming”

  1. GM ❤️ Impressive. YouTube has a brother in SC that could help you to connect with Gaia. Leadfarmer73. Check him out. Banana water may be the food for that bloom. Be safe. Hugs.

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