‘Funny thing about growing older; memories become more vivid.  Today, I turn 70, and I thought I would have some fun.  I’m Timelining, and I invite you to jump in when your memory meets mine.  You can comment either on the blog or on Facebook.  I’m doing a Watch Party on Facebook, 11AM CST.  Just holla with a thumbs up or a heart, or if you ain’t too lazy, you could say something.  After all, it’s my Birthday!

  • Chicago on 57th and Normal. Street games that never ended, kids from every street surrounding ours, convening for serious fun.
  • A 1/2 mile walk to St. Martin School, where I was preparing to become a nun. What?!!
  • Dorothy Robinson’s school of dance.
  • The Point, 53rd and Woodlawn, to  Hyde Park daily by bike for big fun.
  • Hyde Park High School, where I started, and St. Thomas Apostle, where I finished.
  • Klan Ko-eds, downtown parties, boat, roller skating, and bowling parties, not to forget the hotel dances and hayrides
  • 8 Track Recording Co. where I worked and met folks that hung stars on their doors.
  • Flack, Sly, ReRe, Dionne, Hugh Masekela, Kurt Vonnegut, J.R.R. Tolkien, The Spook who Sat by the Door, Nikki, Imari, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Can_ _ _ _ _ a plenty
  • Free Theater -Aesops, Havdalah
  • Columbia College where I started, Stillman College, University of Alabama, in Tuscaloosa, AL and finally Case Western Reserve University, where I finished
  • Cleveland – ahh, Cleveland.  Lee Scottsdale Bldg. (LSD), Art Museum, so much jazz, Annual Easter Egg Hunts, Kwanzaa Parties, Air Tunnels, Friends.  Keith Jarrett, Art Lande, Al Jareau.  Dali Parties. The Rapid, Corky and Lenny’s, Tiger Lily’s, Nighttown, Westside Market,  Home art exhibits, Clam bakes.
  • Fins and Feathers, “a most unusual seafood and poultry shoppe!” (with an intentional “e”) Business.
  • Pfizer – 8-year pain, as a sales rep.
  • St. Maarten – Divi Little Bay, Carnival, Grande Case Beach, Phillipsburg, Marigot Anguilla, Yvette’s, so many wonderful people/family by blood, but the ones more memorable by love
  • Virginia Beach – cultural void
  • The Shoals. in AL – WOWL TV, ATCO Manufacturing, Family Ford, Family Lincoln Mercury, Family Hyundai – Businesses,
  • Revelations, A Ministry of Transformation
  • Living Spirit Church – Centered in Spiritual Oneness, all churches where I have spoken
  • Abadiania, Brazil – John of God
  • POZA, The C.O.R.E. Drummers, The C.O.R.E. Center
  • Hospice of the Shoals
  • Facebook
  • Camp Goldston Publishing, LLC., published Be S.A.F.E., Garden Spices Magazine
  • Project Say Something
  • Legacy of Love
  • Liberal Ladies
  • UNA School of the Arts
  • Spicy…

Oh, when we were kids in Englewood. Now grown folks
Klan Ko-eds Christmas Card 60’s

From all over Chi, grown folks now, but part of Chicago crew
St. Maarten, with MAC uniforms on Margie’s porch. Deanna, My children, Miles and Camille
Legacy of love, 2018
The CORE Drummers
Liberal Ladies 2018
Garden Spices’ Managing Editor, Pratik Mamtora
St. Thomas Apostle reunion 2016, with Sis, Joy

Yes, I know; if you don’t know me, this is a little much.  But remember, it’s my party – I’m self-centered, spicy, and I’M 70!!!!! What?!

What a blessing it is to be in this moment, even with the conditions, as they are with Coronavirus.  You are within my reach, right in my heart, and I am grateful, fulfilled, and breathing! What?!!

Joy Juice

“…joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30: 5  We staying safe, and we voting for change!

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5 Replies to “Timeline”

  1. 😁 Happy birthday and Good morning Vicki! A very interesting timeline. You’ve been a busy lady. Keep churning. I enjoy your vibe. 🎈


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