Write, Right?

A seminar made me begin to question my blogging.  I mean other bloggers are coaching us on how to do this and that, like “How to be your most essential self.”  I’m just trying to essentially be without getting perturbed in a day!  Then, I realized I do have a purpose; to make you see yourself through shenanigans.  You know, shenanigans, the daily stuff that makes you laugh, sometimes cry, and all the time, shake your head. So, I do need to write.  Right?  There’s a Place for (Me, especially now.

It is April 16, 2020, and we have been home for over 20 days, quarantined by a global pandemic, Coronavirus, CO VID19.  Every day I am rising later and later.  Why?  I’m’ in bed watching the videos y’all post on social media.  Some of them are so funny, I have to jump up and run (you know where and why), but then, I climb right back into bed to laugh some more. What?!!

Baby videos are the ones that really crack me up.  One morning, I viewed toddler Elias giving a press conference to his dad, Michael John Gallaga, as Mommy, Asha Iman, a videographer, filmed them. The caption for COFFEE CONVERSATIONS read:

“Listening to one of these COVID 19 press conferences be like…”

After laughing through my third view, I had to message Asha and ask her to adjust her settings for Sharing.  I mean how your video gon’ go viral without Sharing?

Then, here comes The Twilite Tone with a video of his baby girl, Eden. The caption says it all:

“Walkin’ and Talkin It

What is Eden saying?  What does “it” mean? I’ll just let you marinate on that question.  What?!!

I think I enjoy laughing with babies because they symbolize joy and hope, and we need so much of both right now. With morning laughter under my belt, I then read Facebook posts.  These days they set my plate for prayer and meditation, and I am joined by so many of you, as we remember families and friends. We also sing, chant, dance, and anything we can do to allay the reality of loneliness, illness, death, and dying. We are conjoined by a global virus we created and by Spirit’s global healing we are undergoing.  The shift ain’t easy, but as the song of David Walton sings, We’re All in This Together.” We also build ourselves up with virtual celebrations.

While two of my 3 grandchildren graduate from high school this year; (the youngest is going to high school next year), the Seniors will not go to prom or take part in Senior activities for now.  But they are here, alive, protected and safe to celebrate when the time comes…when the time comes…when the time comes. Not for us! Our time is now!

We celebrate living another year and ceremonies we have been blessed to be a part of.  We celebrate our relationships – friends, and family, by blood and by love.  We wear our masks and wash our hands in celebration of being able to work for issues we believe in, (and we do have our work cut out for us this year), and we continue to crave art. So while I may laugh at my shenanigans and cry with/for you, I am living in the moment. Maybe that’s what this exercise is about, appreciating the moment. What?!

Joy Juice

Ain’t y’all tired of making gratitude lists?  Don’t be, and do it; it is more important now than ever.  We are here, vital, compassionate, and loving beings. They say we are the demographic at risk; we know we are mindfully safe in our memories, contemplations, and actions.  So, yes, I write. Right!

“It’s all good/God/love” – Victorine

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Featured Image, Four Old Friends:  Nedra Shelton, Patricia Kline, Mat Grant( front), Donna Booker (rear), Levi Moten (behind me)

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