I See You

I love Facebook. Don’t judge. I know some of y’all have been tweeting and hitting up Instagram and that we don’t trust Zuckerberg, but I’m gon’ tell y’all something; Facebook has been my friend.

I have lived in Chicago, Tuscaloosa, Cleveland, St. Maarten, Virginia Beach, and now, Florence, AL. I have met incredible souls wherever I lived. Do you think I would have been able to connect with them without social media? Nope. Because of this tool, I could be nosy and find out your whereabouts and I could invite you back into my life. Not everybody, though. If I didn’t like you back then, I’m not looking for you now. Oooh, that’s so cold, you say. Why you think I called this blog Spicy… no filter. Because of Facebook, I could ask, “Where you been?” and find out.

Every time I visit Chicago, I have a list of friends from high school days I’m gon’ run into. Why? Facebook. I know about births, deaths, marriages, sickness, and health of friends from all over the world. Why? Facebook. And the news? You already know. Y’all! I created a magazine, and many of my contributors I have never met face-to-face. How? Facebook. Guess how I met Mr. K.? A connection through my activist group’s project on Facebook. Bam!

See? Y’all don’t know. Those of you who are blessed enough to live in cities where there are culture and stuff you like to do, don’t understand how folks like me can stay so attached to social media. Get over yourselves; Facebook allowed me to travel, party, and grow with you. And though I have felt isolated and lonely at times, like others in our season, I could plan my next connection with you. Yes, feel sorry for me…until you read my next post on traveling.

So, those of you that stay pretty glued to Facebook, don’t feel bad. Now, you do need to get off your behind and get some exercise. (Guess who I’m talking to?) Also, get out and do what you got to do. Join some clubs, go get folks to vote, work, volunteer, but if this is your way of hearing about and connecting with folks, I SEE YOU.

Joy Juice

Social Media. Oh how I wish I had you with me during my years of giving care to my loved ones. We can be grateful that we can find support in our lives and that we can reach out to others.. We reach each other, without being able to physically touch, and we know we are in step with beating hearts. WE SEE EACH OTHER.

“Love has the final word” – Ricki Byars

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Feature Photo by Richard Brutyo on Unsplash


6 Replies to “I See You”

  1. I hear ya! As you know, I’m a bit of a late comer to Facebook, but I’m definitely all in now! It’s a great way to network with friends and family and to promote my business!

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  2. Yeah Facebook is for old timers but everyone can learn from the sage info and advice provided by us old timers.

    When I was a kid I used to stand around listening to older adults discussions. Think about it, we can learn from others adventures and mistakes. Facebook simply makes the learning a lot easier!

    Thanks Victorine!

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