GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE: Attitude for Work by Dr. Robert V. Gerard

There is a significant difference between the notions of work and that of a job. The job is a conditional physical endeavor, while work serves as a behavior. 

Jobs come and go. They can be enjoyable or be devastating. Jobs are linear tasks that have a beginning and an end. Therefore, a job has conditional characteristics. The better your talents fit into the job, the more enjoyable, though most jobs have restrictions and limitations that generate anxiety for the person assigned.

The attitude for Work promulgates a behavioral quality and bases itself beyond the job. Work has many disciplines, two of which are devotion and dedication. These virtues hold the human mind in peace as the work’s focus only mirrors how we participate and evolve in the Universe. Thus, Work as a behavior becomes a critical component of the human body and enhances Self-Mastery.

We know that behavior has its roots in a belief that is further defined by values and attitudes. Most people care less about the difference as long as they get paid, but work has a deeper and more fulfilling meaning for a few. “I love my work but hate my job” reflects disenchantment. A medical internist working seventy hours per week in a hospital with insufficient pay provides a good example. The realities of the job are strenuous and tiresome, but the learning and knowledge gained are magnificent. 

The attitude for Work finds its spiritual roots throughout the Bible. In Genesis, God worked as He created the world. Therefore, in His Image and Likeness, when we Work, are we not resembling Him? Work, thus, becomes a viable attribute for human existence. Therefore, the Work for building a divine Humanity can be an aspect of our destiny.

Colossians 3:23-24 says: “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward and that the Master you are serving is Christ.” 

There is an interconnectedness between work and spirituality. One can infer that regardless of the tasks of the work before you, the process of working is a creative pursuit and integrates with Universal Energies. It honors the Work being performed, which hinges on personal satisfaction, self-motivation, and sound reflections. 

My father had a job as a barber in New York City. And every day that he went to work, he brought life to the job. That’s what elementary school teachers do. Their teacher job is only a paycheck monitoring scheme. Their love and devotion to teaching children define the appetite to perform, share, and Self-Master. 

Most career and professional people don’t have jobs; they have work to do. Work rarely ceases when being a scientist, musician, artist, or author. Work becomes endless. Deep-rooted. Inspiring. Work eventually becomes an expression of humankind’s quest for harmonious interaction. 

On the other hand, I have a friend who hates his job, works minimally as possible, and complains often. He doesn’t allow himself to see goodness and beauty in the job as it dominates his attitude. But maybe someday, he’ll realize it’s not the job that lacks, but that he needs to improve his attitude to convert the job into a loving work environment. No job is too small to belittle the power of a good attitude.

 Copyright© 2021 Robert V Gerard

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