Don’t Pull it!

With recent events, the lynching of Dante, and the trial of Chauvin, I tend to stay in an angered state – wound up. It takes so little these days.  Let someone post what they feel is innocuous, but not to me, and here I go.  I get in my feelings and I’m ret’ to rant.  News from posts, films, videos, and media, in general, make me want to scream.   I love the term the young’uns came up with – “trigger.”   Yes, I get triggered, and my stomach churns in a real visceral way.  Yet, I feel compelled and a responsibility to keep tuned in, post, and comment on current events.

How do I protect myself?  I’m too old advanced to be blowing a gasket, and y’all already know about my ‘Pressure.  I figured out, actually, the young’uns (my daughter, Camille) taught me; I do not have to pull the trigger/get sick/take it out on loved ones. Let me share what I do to prevent self-casualties:

Don’t Pull it 101

  1.  Get your spiritual practice on.  I’m not qualifying what you believe in.  All I know is that for me prayer and meditation a day keep pulling the trigger away. Finding your center keeps you grounded. I throw in some yoga, Qigong, do my own ceremony, and I listen to the Staple Singers and ‘Halia.  I go interfaith/by any means necessary to seek clarity, awareness, and become centered.
  2. Find a touchstone  Get what you need to prevent breaking down. When needed, I see my counselor.  No shame in my game.  I belong to several groups with which I can connect and stay aware.  However, restraint is easier said than done.  Poor Mr. K. has to hear me screaming, moaning, and groaning about the weight of world events. However, I consciously talk to him, knowing that while he shares my sentiments, he is also going to help me take a chill pill.  I’m consciously venting, but I’m not pulling the trigger.
  3. Shut It Down. I am a social media activist, so I read and post on social media.  Folks send me stuff they are afraid of posting themselves.  If my spirit cannot stand the heat, I get out of the fire…for real.  If you feel triggered by a film, don’t watch it; triggered by social media, etc., take a break.  The world will still be shifting without your attention, especially if you need self-care.
  4. Breathe. My friend, David Walton, introduced me to take 7 breaths. (He learned it from Indigenous People.)  If I feel a whirlwind of emotions, I take a breath-break.  Here’s the thing, you have to be mindful while breathing.  You may have to close your eyes.  Don’t worry, you won’t miss much. What?!
  5. Laugh.  Activism is serious business, but some of the antics put forth in self-righteousness, (from me too), crack me up; memes too. 
  6. Use your creativity. Dance, drum, create art,  write; do anything that sets you on your course to #7.
  7. Release and Let Go.  Digest this any way you need to that allows you to surrender to the process of finding your truth; your hand is on the trigger, but your Higher Power’s/Self’s hand is on you.  Let go.

It doesn’t hurt to do some affirmations too.  “The right and perfect outcome of this trial is taking place.”  “Everything has to come up to come out.  The perfect outworking is at hand; all part of a necessary shift.”  Get over yourself.  You don’t run this. Ask the Ancestors; they know.  They are the ones that warned me, “Don’t pull it.”

Joy Juice

While writing this blog post, I heard about a 13-year-old, Adam Toledo, gunned down by a Chicago policeman.  This time, I felt robotic, as I posted the report of this tragedy.   I do not know what to say, except to tell you to find your center.  These shifting roads have been perilous, but we have each other to support our cries.  We lean on God/Jah/Jehovah/Higher Power to embrace us, as we make our way, knowing the darkness can never consume the light.

It’s all good/God/love – Victorine

“Be still, and know that I am God!” Psalm 46: 10

“You will not be punished for your anger.  You will be punished by your anger.”  Buddhist quote

“No matter how hot your anger may be it cannot cook.”
(African Proverb)

“You must attend to your business with the vendor in the market, and not to the noise of the market. “— Beninese proverb

“Help Me Lord Jesus,” the Staple Singers


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