Oh yeah, I got ’em. I got “Stop and frisk” blues; “You only been a mayor and don’t know Black folks, much less, reparations” blues; “I did my job, but prosecuted a Black teenager” blues; “My foot stays in my Old School mouth” blues; “I’m calling for an overhaul of the government that may cause #45 to retain his office because folks don’t know what socialism is” blues, and “I’m a great candidate, I’m barely hanging on, but I got plans, and I support reparations,” blues. What?!!

All I know is that I am a conscious Senior looking to live in a society that is inclusive and tolerant; one that reforms the criminal justice system.  Them assault weapons gotta go and gun purchase requirements have to grow. I want my Medicare, Social Security, healthcare for all and a way for immigrants to enter this melting pot and stay without an arduous course to citizenship. We need them! Help folks with food and housing, but don’t keep them tethered – promote independence with education, jobs, and reparations – if not in cash then in scholarship, and loan forgiveness. (‘Couldn’t get no loans for the longest. )  Raise that minimum wage so folks can live on an 8 hour day.  Everybody gotta pay taxes and folks can pray or not pray in their own tradition, but not in public schools.  I want judges that can be non-partisan, fair, and judicial and freedom for a woman to have the right to choose what is best for her life. 

I want utopia, damn it!  We built this country and died for freedom still unattained. We got a right to a voice and, I feel, an obligation to vote what we want.  And while I am still woefully perplexed about what/who to do for the Primary, one thing I know is that for this election that holds this country in its balance my blood runs blue.

#voteblue. #Blacklivesmatter #reparations #nofacism #freedomofchoice  #healthcareforall #youngfolkvote

Joy Juice

It ain’t been long, but we now have the right to vote.  We consult Spirit and Ancestors and we cast our ballots.  Ashe’

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